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As Yun Xi continued to relay her orders, she turned and noticed Jiang Chenghuan standing by a closed window on the stairway.

Outside, in the snowy garden, was Mu Feichi with the same worried expression on his face as the head of the Jiang family had.

If they had been going up against real enemies, they would have been able to come up with a way to fight against 100 people on their own.

But, against an invisible threat like a virus, there was nothing they could do other than follow Yun Xis orders.

The two men were close enough to Yun Xi to hear everything that she said.

“Second Master Jiang, can you hear me as well” Yun Xi shouted at Jiang Chenghuan as she stood on the balcony.

“Yes, I can.

What do you need” responded the head of the Jiang family.

“There are a few things I need you to do.

First, gather as many doctors and medical equipment as you can and empty a nursing home where we can put Old Master Jiang in order to cure his illness.

I dont care how much money or connections you need to use, just make it happen! Oh, and make sure we can get to this nursing home by helicopter.

Next, I want you to make sure that no one finds out about this.

We cant let anyone visit the Old Master until hes cured.

Anyone who enters or exits the nursing home must be closely monitored.

We have to contain the primary and secondary cases of the virus before we develop the vaccine.

Im sure you dont want to cause a commotion either, right Just use any excuse you can think of…”

“Will do! I can take care of all that easily.”

As the head of the Jiang family, Jiang Chenghuan wouldve lost his position long ago if he couldnt handle such basic requests.

“Good! Ill send you a list of the medical equipment we will need.

We dont need too many doctors and nurses, but you have to make sure they are very discreet.

If any news gets out, well just say that Old Master Jiang is very sick.

We definitely dont want everyone finding out about the virus through word of mouth and causing a panic.”


Ill get the equipment right away.”

Yun Xi nodded and turned to look at Mu Feichi, who was still standing outside in the snow.

Even though they were separated by a whole floor, she was still reluctant to get any closer to him.

She looked at the man standing outside.

It was as if she could feel his worries and anxiety in the air that was between them.

Yun Xi bit her lips and grabbed onto the freezing metal railing.

Only the coldness from the metal could tamp down her fear toward this unknown virus and toward death.

When she had been reincarnated, Yun Xi thought she had received Gods blessing when shed met a man who would give up anything for her.

She had grown and become stronger for that man so that she would have the right to stand by his side one day.

Shed fought with all she could, fearlessly and courageously.

It wasnt until now that Yun Xi had learned that people fear death more when they were in love.

They werent scared that death could befall them, or of the pain they had to go through, but the thing that truly terrified them was the harsh truth that they might have to leave the person they cared about the most…that they wouldnt be able to grow old together.

“Young Commander,,,if this is a new virus, will you follow my orders this time”

Yun Xi could not explain to Mu Feichi why she knew about this new virus, because she would not be able to make him understand that she had memories from her past life about it.

Even though she hadnt been infected by SARS in her past life, the high death rate of the virus sent a shiver down her spine.

What worried Yun Xi the most was that she had no knowledge of how to develop the vaccine.

All she could do was use the little knowledge she did have on the virus, and she was not wholly confident that she could be successful.

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