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Yun Xi was right.

The thing that the Qiao family treasured the most at the moment was their reputation.

Anything that could cause a huge scandal would be enough to destroy the reputation and position they had struggled to obtain.

If anyone were to throw a rock into that water, the Qiao family would be faced with enemies from all sides since everyone had been jealous that an unpopular family had become one of the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

Not only that, the Qiao family was not one of the richest families either.

Most of the assets they possessed at the moment were actually from the Han family.

In the end, the Han family was still much more powerful in terms of money and assets.

If the Han family were to make their move when the Qiao family had been struck with a scandal, the former would take back its original position.

However, instead of regaining its title as one of the Big Four Conglomerate Families, Yun Xis suggestion was much more future-proof, and it had sparked Han Yaotians interest.

If he could control both families, he would then become the head of the biggest family among the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

As their goals aligned, it had only made sense for him to choose the option that benefited him the most.

“All you have to do is use what I have on Qiao Xinli to threaten Qiao Dehao.

He is smart enough to know that he has to agree to the marriage to protect the family.

Now…” Yun Xi looked at Han Yaotian and smiled.

Even though others might see it as a pure and innocent smile, only she knew that she was slowly pushing Han Yaotian toward the edge of the cliff.

In her past life, Han Yaotian and Qiao Ximin had worked together to murder her.

Thus, in this life, she would make them suspect each other and be at each others throats all the time.

“Now, all thats left is whether you are willing to sacrifice your happiness for the time being,” Yun Xi continued.

“Well, to be frank, it wont be hard for you to remarry someone you actually love after youve taken over the Qiao family.

When you become the new head, you can do whatever you want.”

Han Yaotian frowned and thought about it, but it only took him a few minutes to give in to temptation.


Ill marry Qiao Ximin as long as you are willing to help me.

Ill make sure she wont go after the Young Commander.

But, if you are lying to me…”

Yun Xi grinned and got up to meet his serious glare.

She couldnt but think how blind she was in her past life to fall in love with a man whose only interest was his own benefits.

“Of course.

Ill help you as a quid pro quo for your help in getting rid of one of my problems.” To remove any wariness that Han Yaotian had left toward her, she decided to give him another reward.

“And, when all is said and done, Ill give you the man behind this glass as well.

You can do whatever you want with him.”

“Deal!” Han Yaotian immediately got up and offered a handshake.

Instead of shaking his hand, Yun Xi took a step back and nodded.

“A great choice.

But, I dont wish for another person to learn about what happened today, especially your father.

If he learns about your goal, he might just try to get rid of you.

Do you understand”

“I do.” Han Yaotian nodded.

“But, Ill have to find a way to convince him about the marriage.

Theres no way hes going to accept it without any reason.

Although Han Yaotian wasnt sure what his father would think, he knew that once his father had learned about his plan to take over both the Han family and the Qiao family, his father would either give the chance to his half-brother or kill him first.

“Very well.

Thats all for today.

For now, just pretend that you dont know you have a brother.

Ill give you his blood sample so that you can do a DNA test.”

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