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Chapter 135: How Considerate It Is of You

Mu Feichi tilted his head and glanced at the pillow separating them.

Then he grabbed the pillow and threw it onto the passenger seat.

It was Qi Yuan who was driving, and he glanced at the pillow that Young Marshal Mu had been so disdainful of and chuckled.

“Miss Yun, what is that Why do I seem to smell medicine”

The car was small, so it had been quickly filled with the faint smell of medicine.

It wasnt strong, and was rather soothing.

“I heard that old Madame Chen is ill.

Im visiting her and bringing this medicine pillow to her as well.”

He couldnt help being a little curious.

“Does your medicine pillow have any special effects”

“Chinese medicine believes that certain scents can cure diseases.

The famous doctor Hua Tuo from the Three Kingdoms period used fragrance therapy to treat diseases.

He used flowers to make small, exquisite sachets, and then filled them with musk, cloves, and sandalwood.

Then he hung the sachets in rooms to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Later, these developed into medicine pillows, which not only lower blood pressure, but also improve eyesight and heart functions.”

“Are they really that amazing Isnt it more effective to simply drink Chinese medicine”

“Thats not necessarily true.

According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, there are three meridians passing through the neck and shoulders, including the Governor Vessel, the bladder, and the gallbladder.

The large intestine, small intestine, and San Jiao also reach the shoulders and neck.

The medicine pillow can slowly stimulate local acupuncture points.

It helps specific therapeutic functions, so that the meridian qi and blood can circulate normally.

The medicine pillow is characterized by slow effectiveness over a long period of time, so it is very suitable for health treatment for the elderly.

This is the difference between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine.

Western medicine acts fast, while Chinese medicine acts slowly and requires patience as well as time.”

“Young Marshal Mus cervical spine isnt well, so is there any medicine pillow that can treat cervical spine pain”

As soon as Qi Yuan had spoken, Mu Feichis eyes swept toward him.

Through the rearview mirror, Qi Yuan felt himself being glared at, so he closed his mouth obediently and smiled awkwardly.

Yun Xi turned to look at the stiff figure sitting next to her, then moved her hand to the back of Mu Feichis neck, and pinched the back of his cervical spine with her thumb and index finger.

Mu Feichis sullen eyes fell on her serious and delicate face.

Her clear and animated eyes stared at him without blinking.

Her eyes were devoid of any sentimentality, as if she were merely examining a patient, and she appeared devoted and earnest.

Kneading and pressing his neck, the little hands were soft and small.

Like little feathers, they tickled his heart and made him tremble.

Seeing his eyes glancing over at her, Yun Xi realized that she was being a little intrusive.

Coughing a little, she retracted her hand.

“Young Marshal Mus cervical spine hurts because of the pain caused by staying outdoors for long periods of time and maintaining the same posture”

Mu Feichi didnt speak, but Qi Yuan couldnt help but nod.

“Yes, yes, yes! Young Marshal Mu is busy at work, and his cervical spine hadnt been well even before that.

Because of this, every time he gets busy, he gets migraine headaches and cervical spondylosis, which he hasnt had treatment for in years…”

“I understand!” Yun Xi nodded.

“Its not impossible to treat this pain.

Medication pillows and ointments are very effective.

I will write you a prescription afterward.

You can put the medical ingredients in a pillow.

As for the ointment, it may need to be boiled.

Ill talk with you about it more after I buy all the medicines.”

Qi Yuan glanced at Young Marshal Mu, whose face had slightly softened in the rearview mirror, and smiled.

“Thank you in advance!”

Concealing the gloominess in his eyes, Mu Feichi said nonchalantly, “How considerate it is of you to go visit old Madame Chen.”

“The old lady helped me preserve my dignity at the auction the other day and didnt make me suffer humiliation in front of so many rich and famous people.

Its only reasonable for me to return the favor.

I should thank her.”

Unlike other old women, Madame Chen was reasonable and open-minded, as well as tolerant.

Her untainted character was especially venerable.

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