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Yun Xi turned to nod at Team Leader A, who proceeded to head into the cell.

Through the glass, Han Yaotian could see the team leader draw blood out of the arm of the confined man.

She then took Han Yaotian out of the surveillance room and handed the blood sample to him.

She did not utter a single word after that.

After giving him a nod, she turned and left.

When she arrived at the parking lot, she smiled as she was surprised to see Qi Yuan waiting by the car.

The lady turned to Team Leader A; her serious expression from before was now nowhere to be seen.

“Please see that Mr.

Han is returned to his guards safely.

They are probably still waiting by the entrance.


Han, I have an urgent matter to attend to, so Ill have to take my leave first.

Ill send over the information that you need later.”

“All right.

Ill be waiting for it.” Han Yaotian nodded and left with Team Leader A.

With the plan that Yun Xi had laid out for him, he was eager to head back home to convince his father on agreeing to the marriage between him and Qiao Ximin.

However, he was also smart enough to know that being too eager would end badly.

He knew that he needed to think it through before he made his move so that his father would not suspect him.

Once Han Yaotian had left, Yun Xi approached Qi Yuan, and while trying to hide her excitement, she asked, “Is the Young Commander back”

Qi Yuan nodded.

“Yes, he just got back, and hes at Mu Mansion now.

He has suffered a minor injury.”

“Hes injured What happened”

“Its normal for a person on a military mission to get injured.

Youll see once we head back.” Qi Yuan did not give her any explanation and opened the door for her instead.

“Xiang Yuanjiu will handle the rest here.

You dont have to worry,” Qi Yuan replied, knowing what Yun Xi was thinking.

The man who was locked inside was essential to the Young Commanders plan.

The captive was bait, and they would keep him locked up by all means.

The car soon arrived at the top of Mount Tianyu.

The first thing that Yun Xi noticed was the helicopter parked in Mu Mansions garden.

When Great White, who was playing in the garden, heard the car approaching, it quickly ran toward the gate and opened it.

“Great White!” Yun Xi simply patted the snow leopard before running back into the mansion.

The moment she entered the door, she could feel the heater working.

The strong smell of disinfectant and blood immediately entered her nose.

She turned her head toward the living room and saw the man sitting on the couch.

The man had already changed into a flannel robe and was reading the notes that were on the table.

He raised his head as he heard the door open, and Yun Xis heart skipped a beat when she saw his face.

She quickly changed into her indoor slippers and ran toward him.

His face had clear signs of exhaustion, but his eyes were looking back into hers.

Not seeing any signs of an injury yet, Yun Xi quickly reached for the rope around his waist and asked, “Qi Yuan said you were injured.


Mu Feichi watched as the lady he had been yearning for worried about him.

As she tried to undress him, his heart began to race.

The way he looked at her slowly mellowed out.

His eyes were now so soft that a person couldve sunk into them.

All that was left were the gentleness he had toward the woman he loved.

Yun Xi, who was busying checking if Mu Feichi was hurt anywhere, did not notice the change on the mans face.

After undoing the rope and opening his robe, she quickly realized that he was only wearing a pair of underwear underneath the robe and nothing else.

After staring at his beautifully shaped body for a few seconds, she quickly diverted her gaze as her face started to burn from embarrassment.

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