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Just a few days before the Socialite Ball, Su Hang came back with good news.

According to the reference and the virus source that Yun Xi had provided, they were able to create a vaccine to counter the spread.

The moment the news came out, Yun Xi was finally able to rid the pressure that had been troubling her for the past two weeks.

She quickly retrieved the vaccine samples from Su Hangs laboratory and distributed them to other laboratories to expedite the manufacturing process.

The faster they could distribute the vaccines to the hospitals, the more lives could be saved.

“Yun Xi, this breakthrough is all thanks to you.

But, how did you know that the virus originated from the Chinese rufous horseshoe bat That species only exists in the mountains and patient zero probably got the virus from consuming one of those bats.

The virus spread from there.

Thankfully, we could create the vaccine in such a short amount of time.”

“I tracked the source down with the information from the Jiang family.

It was a hunch when I asked you to take a sample of the bat.

Looks like my guess was correct.”

The information she had was actually from her past life.

However, since lives were at stake, she had no choice but to share the information she had.

Fortunately, she was able to use the Jiang family as an excuse for her knowledge.

“Well, now that the vaccine has been successfully developed, you should spend the rest of your time preparing for the Socialite Ball.

You should stop coming here, or else a certain man is going to skin me alive.”

“I know,” Yun Xi laughed and turned to leave.

“Then, Ill head back first.

Remember to call me if anything happens.

I will have to go check on Old Master Jiang at the hospital after this.”


You sure are the Jiang familys savior, huh”

“What are you talking about You guys are the ones who created the vaccine.

I just helped a little,” Yun Xi smiled and left.

The moment she got out, she noticed Mu Feichi was walking toward her.

“Huh Why are you here Didnt I say Im heading back once I check on the vaccines”

“Ive been waiting here for an hour! Now that the vaccine is created, just leave the rest of the work to them.

What are you worried about”

Now that he was back from his mission, he wanted to spend the rest of his spare time with Yun Xi, which was why he didnt want her to waste too much time on other stuff.

It would be better if she was completely available.

“Well, Im here now.

Come on, we have to head to the hospital to visit Old Master Jiang first.”

Mu Feichis expression was telling her that he didnt want to go, but since Yun Xi insisted on heading to the hospital, he had no choice but to follow her.

When Yun Xi entered the car and put her seatbelt on, she turned to look at the man who was pouting in the drivers seat.

She couldnt help but laugh as she patted his head like he was a puppy.

“Mu Three-Years-Old, you look really cute when you are pouting like this.”

The man grunted and remained silent.

His pride was getting the better of him.

“Come on.

I know you are still injured.

I promise that once we visit Old Master Jiang, Ill spend the rest of the day with you, okay You can do whatever you want.”

Mu Feichi quickly turned his head toward her and stared at her.

“Do whatever I want with you You promise”

“Y-yes” The moment Yun Xi saw how Mu Feichi was looking at her, she immediately regretted her decision.

She knew that she had just made him the wrong promise.

Doing whatever he wanted to her just sounded too wrong.

It was as if she was hinting at him to do something to her.

Now that she had promised him, there was no way he would let her go back on her word.

At that moment, Yun Xi felt as if she had just dug her own grave.

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