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Qi Siyu, the Prime Ministers daughter, was a few years older than Yun Xi.

She was the same age as Mu Feichi and was the most outstanding and successful lady among her peers.

The fact that she was the Prime Ministers daughter was already amazing enough.

The only one who came from a better family than she would be the Presidents daughter.

However, that was the only thing that the Presidents daughter was better at.

Qi Siyu was also very talented and was able to master several languages.

That was the main reason why she was selected as the First-class Socialite at the previous Socialite Ball three years ago.

Qi Siyu was extremely famous in Jingdu, and people had always thought that she had the biggest potential to become the Young Commanders wife.

Even Han Wanling, who always thought of herself as an elite, would only pale in comparison to the Prime Ministers daughter in every aspect.

The lady was one of Jingdus faces and the idol of a lot of people.

A lot of girls looked up to her.

In Yun Xis past life, Mu Feichi and Qi Siyu were engaged.

However, they never actually got married, even until she passed away.

The man wouldve been around his mid-thirties then.

What she didnt know in her past life was that the Young Commander and Prime Minister had always been on bad terms.

Now that she was part of the battle between the two families, she finally understood why in her past life, Mu Feichi didnt even go through with the wedding ceremony despite the fact they had agreed to the marriage.

He had literally waited until the Prime Ministers daughter was past the age of marriage.

Yun Xi had to admit that it was a ruthless plan.

For men, they were in their prime during their early thirties.

However, for women, it would be difficult for them to find another potential husband, especially someone like Qi Siyu, who was once promised to Mu Feichi.

No one would dare to marry her.

While Yun Xi was reading through the information, Jiang Chenghuan arrived at Mount Tianyu with Zhao Yumo.

He was in such a good mood that he had asked the butler to help set up a barbeque pit.

It had just stopped snowing outside, and Yun Xi was shocked that Jiang Chenghuan was actually in the mood for a barbeque party out in the thick snow.

Mu Feichi was still in his study room in a conference meeting, while Yun Xi sat next to the heater in the pavilion as she read through the information on Qi Siyu.

She could tell that the Prime Ministers daughter was basically perfect.

From talents to family background, she had everything.

It made sense that she became the First-class Socialite.

“Chenghuan, how much do you know about Qi Siyu” Yun Xi raised her head and asked the couple who were grilling meat next to her.

She was really intrigued as to why Jiang Chenghuan, a man born with a golden spoon in his mouth, would be so interested to barbeque.

If it was Mu Feichi, he wouldve found it troublesome and even disgusting.

Jiang Chenghuan raised his head, but his hands did not stop moving, “Hm… Ill tell you all you want to know about her if you call me big brother.”

Yun Xi rolled her eyes back, and it took a while to force herself to say, “Big brother…”

“Good girl!” Jiang Chenghuan grinned.

If not for the dirty gloves in his hands, he wouldve patted her head as if she was a puppy.

“So What do you know about Qi Siyu”

“We arent sure why Qi Siyu has suddenly returned.

Whether shes back for the Young Commander or to be this years judge, you have to be careful.

This lady isnt as simple as you think.

Although she seems like a perfect person, just because of that, she can be very ruthless.

Dont get tricked by her innocent appearance.

The most important thing is that shes one of the judges this time.

Most of the people in our circle have already guessed the relationship you have with Jinzhi, and Im sure she has already heard about it.

If you really want to win that title, then you have to be careful of her.”

“Is that so Looks like Ill have to keep a low profile for a while.”

“Hell, no.

How are you even going to do that when you are my sister”

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