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After the meeting had ended, Mu Feichi came out of the mansion with a freshly printed stack of documents and a cashmere scarf in his hand.

“Oh Has the meeting ended” The moment Yun Xi noticed Mu Feichi coming out, she quickly put the information she was reading away and moved an empty chair next to her side for him to sit.

Mu Feichi nodded and wrapped the scarf around the ladys neck before sitting down.

He then took a glance at the information she was reading before handing her the ones he had brought out with him.

“You dont have to pay too much attention to someone like her,” Mu Feichi said as he took the information on Qi Siyu away from her and threw it to one side.

His arrogance clearly showed that he never thought much about the Prime Ministers daughter, as if she would never pose a threat to him or Yun Xi.

However, Yun Xi couldnt help but turned to stare at the mans face as if she was trying to find something in his expression.

“But shes the First-class Socialite.

Shes also the Prime Ministers daughter.

Even her family background is more than enough for her to be a good match for you.

And you dont even find a pretty and successful lady like her a little attractive”

“Attractive” Mu Feichi raised his brow and met her curious stare.

“Which part Shes isnt as attractive as you when you are in bed, nor is she strong enough to go into the battlefield with me.”

“Oh! Shut up!” Yun Xi scolded and kicked the man in his shin, embarrassed at the fact that Mu Feichi was making dirty jokes with Jiang Chenghuan and Zhao Yumo around.

“How are you sure that she cant participate in a gunfight Shes the First-class Socialite.

She would at least put up an act in front of other people even if shes scared to death.”

“You are right,” the Young Commander nodded.

“The only thing you have to remember is that theres more to her than meets the eye.”


My brother also just reminded me of that.

Looks like I have to be careful of her.”

“Brother” Mu Feichi turned to look at his friend, who had clicked his tongue with a wide grin on his face.

“Hey! Dont you think you need to pay up for her to address you like that”

Jiang Chenghuan was shocked for a second before turning around, shouting for the butler, “Butler! Bring me my wallet!”

“What are you doing” Yun Xi scolded and pulled Mu Feichis hand back.

“How can you ask for money for that”

“Youre right.

Im pretty sure you arent carrying any cash in your wallet anyway.

We should ask for something else.”

The smile on Jiang Chenghuans face froze up immediately.

He shouldve expected that, especially since he had known Mu Feichi for ages and had seen how ruthless his best friend could be when needed.

“I heard you just purchased a piece of land recently” Mu Feichi grinned.

“And you are planning to build a few villas there Just give her the one in the center that has the best view of the scenery then.”

“Are you kidding Are you asking for the villa for her or you” Jiang Chenghuan scolded.

He wouldnt mind giving Yun Xi the villa as that was his responsibility as her older brother, but Mu Feichi was clearly trying to make a profit out of the situation.

The Young Commander crossed his legs and rested his back on the tiny chair.

“What difference does it make” he nonchalantly said.

“Whats hers is mine, and whats mine is hers.

We are going to use that villa together anyway.

If you dont like that idea, then…”

“Who said I dont like it Its just a villa.

Theres nothing better than giving that to my dear little sister.

Oh! Right! That reminds me! Wont you have to call me brother-in-law once you two get married”

All Jiang Chenghuan could think of was how he would laugh at the Young Commander when that happened.

It would be a great payback for being made fun of over the years.

Mu Feichi lightly scoffed, “Can you even handle the consequences”

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