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The document Mu Feichi had given Yun Xi was information on the judges for the pre-judging before the Socialite Ball.

It was basically a backdoor for her.

The purpose of the pre-judging before the actual ball was to remove unqualified participants who managed to get in through their connections.

Basically, someone like Liang Xinyi had entered as the Su family while using the Han familys spot.

If she was talented, she might have the chance to participate in the actual Socialite Ball and meet with the elites of Jingdu.

Even if she couldnt win the title, she would still gain a lot of chances to get acquainted with successful people, a chance that she never had before.

Unlike Liang Xinyi, Yun Xi never wanted to win the title, but the way Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan had been assisting her made it seem like she wished to become the First-class Socialite.

“Why do I have the feeling that you two want me to win” If she really were to become the First-class Socialite, then she would not be able to live a low-profile life anymore.

Yun Yuanfeng would also use her to climb to a higher position.

Not only that, but she would also have to live a life interacting with a lot of people as they tried to gain profits from her.

In her past life, she moved about the medical and business circles for Han Yaotian, trying to save the Han Corporation from going bankrupt.

To become a successful woman, she had to consume alcohol until she was sick and traveled between three countries in a week.

She didnt want to experience such a life again.

However, meeting Mu Feichi, a man who was even more successful than Han Yaotian, meant that she would not live a normal life.

“Well, if you dont want to win, then dont try to.

Just go, enjoy the ball and meet new people,” Jiang Chenghuan said.

“To be honest, the ball has changed over the years.

The only reason the President even wanted a First-class Socialite was so they could host charity events for socialites.

Now, it has become nothing more than a title where people would spend tons of money to win.”

The only reason Mu Feichi would even spend time on the Socialite Ball was that it was on the same day as Yun Xis coming of age ceremony.

He would never be happy with her attracting a lot of attention.

Her beauty and everything else about her was his and his only.

The biggest problem was that if she became the First-class Socialite, she would have to burden a lot of problems, and he didnt want to tire her out.

The Young Commander sighed as if he was used to it and said, “Well, its not a bad idea to go and take a look.

You can see how people from different circles act.

Itll give you a brief understanding of what to use to deal with different types of people.”

Yun Xi nodded, knowing that she just had to do her best as she wasnt looking forward to winning the title.

However, if she were to become the First-class Socialite, it would mean that she already had the right to hold the Young Commanders hand.

But, even if she didnt, she was sure that her hard work would pay off in the end.

“Youll have to head to the training for the ball tomorrow.

Be careful over there, okay The Qi family has booked the Jinxiu Grand Hotel for the first elimination round.

Only invited guests and participants will be able to enter the hotel, and the place will be guarded with tight security.

You wont have to worry about any trouble from the outside, but the place is crawling with women, and problems might arise.

Since you are participating using the Jiang familys name, you wont be able to keep a low profile in there.

Be wary of your surroundings and if someone tries to do anything to you, dont worry about a thing and fight back.”

“I will,” Yun Xi nodded, but she was worried.

As the Yun family had caused a lot of problems recently, people would be jealous of her for being able to participate in representing the Jiang family.

However, the Young Commander and her brother were right.

All she had to do was enjoy the trip and fight back against anyone who tried to make a move on her.

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