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Chapter 136: The Young Marshals Consideration

The car stopped at the gate of the Chen familys house, and Yun Xi got out.

Just as she was about to thank Mu Feichi for bringing her over, she saw him push open the car door and get out of the car.

Qi Yuan also unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

Just as he was about to get their gifts out of the trunk, the trunk door was pushed close by Mu Feichi.

Qi Yuan was caught off guard and stared at the hand pressing down on the trunk.

He raised his eyes to look at Young Marshal Mu.

Mu Feichi glanced at him nonchalantly, and his deep eyes were hard to read.

Qi Yuan suddenly understood what hed meant when hed said they were coming over.

He retracted his hand awkwardly and stood behind Mu Feichi sheepishly.

Young Marshal Mu was probably worried that the gifts hed brought were much more expensive than the girls, and he didnt want to outshine her.

This girl had made the old lady a medicine pillow.

In addition to ginseng and deer antler, they also had a lot of other supplements in the trunk.

If their gifts were compared to her gift, it would definitely embarrass her and cause her to suffer humiliation.

They might as well go empty-handed to save the trouble.

“Huh Young Marshal Mu, are you going into the Chen familys house too”

Yun Xi stared at the pillow that had been snatched away from her and at his haughty figure.

Hed taken her over here without saying anything along the way, and it turned out that he was also coming to visit.

The housekeeper had already received their call and had been waiting at the door for a while.

Seeing Mu Feichi approaching, he quickly stepped forward to take the things from his hands.

“This is for Madame.”

The housekeeper glanced at Miss Yun, who followed behind with a pillow in her hands, and he quickly smiled, then ushered over the servants to help carry her things.

“Miss Yun is here too! The old Madame will be very happy to see you!”

“Uncle Chen, thank you.”

“Miss Yun is too courteous.”

After entering the living room, Yun Xi saw several doctors in white coats sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Several of them were wearing formal clothes inside their white lab coats, so they obviously had come straight from their hospitals.

“Young Marshal Mu!” As soon as Mu Feichi came in, several doctors from the hospital stood up straight and gazed respectfully at him.

Mu Feichi paused and nodded at them in return.

Yun Xi stood at the side and stared blankly at the men who were older than Mu Feichi, but gazed at him with admiration because he rarely showed his face in public.

In front of them was a man who was dressed in formal attire.

He had a tall, slender figure, as well as refined manners.

His deep-set features contrasted with his gleaming eyes.

Although he didnt appear that old, in front of these men much older than he was, the steadiness and maturity from the amount of life experience hed had was something they couldnt compete with.

“Didnt you all come to see the old lady Perhaps you all have nothing to do and were waiting for me to chat with you over tea”

Mu Feichis tone of voice was neither urgent nor slow, but it had the imposing air of a leader, and it made everyones breathing tense up.

“Young Marshal Mu…”

The group of doctors stared at each other dazedly before finally someone bravely spoke up.

“Young Marshal Mu, the old Madame didnt want to see her doctors, and we have been kicked out as soon as we went up there.”

Mu Feichi frowned slightly.

“What was the issue”

“The old Madame felt numbness in her legs, so she then thought shed had a stroke with no hope of standing on her legs again, and she gave up on herself…”

“She wont listen to us no matter how hard we try to persuade her.

If she would go to the hospital for surgery in time, it will still be possible for her to stand up.”

Mu Feichi grasped that old Madame Chen had a lot of pride, and the fact that she couldnt stand up was a huge blow to her ego.

He turned his head and glanced at Yun Xi, and Yun Xi nodded slightly.

“I will go up and check on the old Madame.”

As soon as shed spoken, Chen Yichens surprised voice sounded from the stairs, “Little Yun Xi, why are you here”

Yun Xi was caught off guard and turned to look at the figure walking toward her.

She hadnt seen him for several days, and she didnt know that Chen Yichen was at home.

“I just came to see your grandma.

I heard that she was sick.”

“I was just talking about you with my grandma, so how unexpectedly coincidental for you to show up.

Lets go, Ill take you upstairs.”

After hed finished speaking, Chen Yichen took her by the hand, and Yun Xi keenly felt a piercing gaze from behind her.

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