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Ever since Qi Siyus return, dinner with the Qi family had become somewhat lively compared to the usually dull meals.

Even though the Qi family wasnt as rooted in Jingdus society as the Three Great Clans, they still shone brightly among the prestigious families ever since Qi Linzhou had become the Prime Minister.

Not long after, Qi Siyu was able to secure the title of the First-class Socialite, which put the Qi family as a contestant for a spot in the Big Four Conglomerate Families.

To celebrate Qi Siyus return, Qi Linzhou came home early, which was rare as he would usually stay in his office until late in the night.

He had never hidden his pride and satisfaction toward his daughter.

He spent a lot of time and effort raising her and pinned a lot of hope on her as well.

He had made her a successful and outstanding lady.

Not only that, but she also became the First-class Socialite.

He had high hopes that his daughter would eventually marry Mu Feichi and become the wife of the Young Commander.

With the Mu family backing them up, it would give the Qi family an even stronger foundation in Jingdu.

Although things between him and the Young Commander had worsened over the years, he still planned to let his daughter become Mrs.


Fortunately enough, his daughter did not disappoint him.

Not only did she become the First-class Socialite, but she also became a world-class dancer.

No matter where he went, he could hold his head up high, knowing that he had such a perfect daughter.

“Wow! Looks like everyone is here!”

A cold exclamation suddenly came from the living room, causing everyone at the dining table to turn around.

The moment they saw a man in an army uniform standing by the door, their expressions froze.

If Qi Siyu was Qi Linzhous hope and pride, Qi Yichen was a disappointment.

Qi Siyu and Qi Yichen were twins.

They were both born on the same day.

Qi Linzhou thought that his son would be as amazing as his daughter, but he was wrong.

His son was a free spirit but arrogant and tyrannical at the same time.

The young man was smart yet ruthless and never gave people another chance.

Qi Linzhou had planned to make his son his right-hand man in the political world, but Qi Yichen joined the military instead.

The biggest problem was that the young man managed to succeed in his own path and became the youngest major general in history.

However, with Mu Feichi acting as the Young Commander, no matter how hard Qi Yichen tried to climb the ladder, he would never surpass Mu Feichi.

As Qi Linzhou had always seen Mu Feichi as a thorn in his eyes, he just couldnt bear to see his son having a lower position than the Young Commander.

It had influenced the Prime Minister a lot, causing him to compare his son to Mu Feichi all the time.

Mu Feichis success had always been every mans goal, and Qi Yichen never cared about the Young Commander.

However, due to Qi Linzhou, he started to see Mu Feichi as his rival, a rival that he was willing to use any means necessary to defeat and to surpass.

One was the countrys one and only Young Commander, while the other was the countrys youngest major general.

They were like two sides of the same coin, never similar and always fighting each other.

A lot of people had been following the feud between them, but unfortunately for Qi Linzhou, Qi Yichen had lost all the time.

It was humiliating for the Prime Minister.

If Qi Siyus success was able to make Qi Linzhou as happy as if he was in heaven, then his son was able to kick him back into hell.

Qi Yichen walked into the dining room and took off his coat to hang on the rack.

A faint grin could be seen on his evil-looking yet handsome face.

He ignored all the people at the table and sat down at an empty seat next to his sister.

Compared to Mu Feichi who always carried the righteousness aura around him, Qi Yichen was more like a mafia who was in the military.

With a single glance, others could feel the killing intent in his eyes.

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