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Qi Siyu had always loved her little brother and had always ignored the fact that he kept challenging the man she liked.

“Wow! You sure have the guts to make everyone wait for you, huh Where are your manners” Qi Linzhou scolded the moment Qi Yichen came back.

The only thing his son had given him was headaches, over and over again.

“Arent you supposed to thank God that I came back What will you do if I decide to find myself another father instead of you” Qi Yichen scoffed.

He was already used to being yelled at by his father and had always ignored it.

He remained arrogant toward everyone and would never show anyone a single ounce of respect, even when they deserved it.

“You! Ugh!” Qi Linzhou was completely infuriated with his sons attitude.

He got up and slammed his palm down on the table, which almost knocked the plates off the table.

“Dad… calm down…” Qi Siyu quickly tried to calm her father down.

She had always been the one to stop the fights between father and son.

Since she had been away for a few years, she didnt even have to ask to know that her younger brother had been making their father angry on a daily basis.

“Calm down Look at him! Does he look like a military man to you Look at the Young Commander! Hes the leader of the whole military while this b*stard is just a disgrace to the army!”

Qi Yichen did not counter his father and nonchalantly leaned back in his chair.

He looked at his father yelling at him without any emotion in his eyes.

It was as if he was watching a stranger getting angry and yelling at him for no reason.

“Alright, Dad.

Everyone is here.

Why dont we leave this to a later time Lets have dinner first.” Qi Siyu knew her brothers personality so well that she could tell he wasnt going to apologize.

She gently patted her fathers back to calm him down so that they wouldnt embarrass themselves even further in front of their relatives.

However, Qi Yichen didnt want to end things so easily.

With a grin, he coldly said, “If you dont want to see me here, then dont call me back.

This disgrace will only dirty your eyes and this place.”

Before Qi Linzhou could even yell back, Qi Siyu stepped on Qi Yichens foot under the table and scolded, “Shut up!” If she didnt step in to stop the fight, her father wouldve fainted.

“Everyone is here to welcome me back.

Dont you think you are taking this too far”

In the end, Qi Siyu was the older one among them.

Although her voice sounded calm and gentle, her words were filled with a warning, which surprisingly made Qi Yichen shut up.

After the small incident, the dinner wasnt as enjoyable anymore.

Qi Linzhou didnt even look at his son once throughout the meal.

After dinner, Qi Linzhou called his daughter into his room and put two thick stacks of information in front of her.

He pointed at the black file and said, “This is the current situation in Jingdu.

Take a look at it.

A lot has happened during the time you were gone.

As for the other…” He then pointed at the red file.

“This is the information on a certain young lady.

Let me remind you that she isnt some nobody.

Oh, no! Shes someone who we have to be wary of.

Shes pretty acquainted with the Young Commander, and she single-handedly toppled the balance in Jingdu.

Even though shes still young, shes as smart and as resourceful as you.

Everything she did was backed and supported by the Young Commander.

You know what that means, right”

“A young lady…” Qi Siyu grabbed the red file with her long and pale fingers.

As she looked at the file with her cold eyes, she scratched her red fingernails on the hardcover as if she was thinking of or guessing something.

“Since when did the Young Commander become interested in a young lady Dad, are you sure shes that attractive”

Qi Siyu raised her head to look at her father.

For him to be so wary of someone, she could tell that the lady was someone who posed an actual threat to them.

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