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“You better not underestimate her.

Shes the one who changed the current Big Four Conglomerate Families.

She may have had the Young Commanders help, but shes the one who made all the calls,” Qi Linzhou reminded as he was afraid that his daughter would underestimate Yun Xi.

“Shes also very close to the Three Great Clans.

Even OId Master Mu is very fond of her and even lets her treat the Old Chiefs.

She has a lot of people supporting her now.

Because of the recent virus outbreak, she saved the Jiang family.

Thus, she will be participating in the Socialite Ball with them.

The moment you see how many families are backing her, you will realise just how powerful she has become.”

For a young lady who hadnt even gone through her coming of age ceremony, to have connections with a lot of prestigious families in Jingdu was already terrifying enough.

If she could command those families in the future, the outcome would be unimaginable.

“The biggest problem is that the Young Commander is treating her like a treasure.

Im sure you know what I mean,” Qi Linzhou added.

“Is that so” Qi Siyu raised an eyebrow and took the two files with her.

“Looks like Ill have to study her.

I wont be able to get rid of her if I dont know anything about her.”

Qi Siyu knew every young lady of each prestigious family in Jingdu, and only a few of them would even pose a threat to her.

What surprised her was that the first thing she learned when she got back was that a lady she had never heard of had managed to capture the Young Commanders attention.

From what she knew, the Young Commander had always been very picky with women.

For him to suddenly get interested in a young lady itself was already suspicious enough, but it was also an important matter that she couldnt ignore.

Qi Siyu was the type of person who would never underestimate anyone who would become a problem to her or a love rival.

When she left her fathers room, she noticed the person leaning against the wall not far from the door.

She gently closed the door and turned to look at her brother.

Although she had no idea how much he had overheard, she didnt care as she rarely hid anything from him.

Before Qi Siyu could even speak, the younger brother took the red file away from her.

“I know about her.

I heard that the Young Commander had spent a lot of money just to help her purchase the Han Corporations stock in her name.

He even threw Han Wanling in jail for her.

Ive never seen the Young Commander get so worked up before.”

“Why do I feel like you are enjoying this” Qi Siyu was having a hard time keeping the smile on her face now.

They knew what kind of a person the Young Commander was, more than anyone.

He was never the type of person who would act irrationally, nor would he spend a lot of money for any girl.

Even if he were to spend a huge amount of money, it wouldnt be for a girl.

Qi Siyu finally felt threatened by the lady she had just heard of.

She was just keeping a prideful act in front of her father, but she dropped that act as her brother knew her too well.

With a frown, she said, “Even you are speaking so highly of her.

This is interesting.

Im looking forward to the pre-judging tomorrow.”

Qi Yichen shrugged and returned the file to his sister, “Im also curious as to what kind of lady she is to be able to catch the Young Commanders attention.

But… for him to want to date someone who hasnt even gone through her coming of age ceremony yet, is interesting.

Maybe the younger the better”

“Hey! This is a serious matter!” Qi Siyu scolded and hit her brothers arm with the file.

He was making it sound as if she was old and it was frustrating.

Although she wasnt old as she was the same age as Mu Feichi, when it came to dating, no man would not prefer a girl younger than them.

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