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Qi Siyu was so furious when she heard her brother calling her a normal person that her face turned pale.

She wanted to retaliate, but her identity as the First-class socialite prevented her from doing so.

All she could do was hold back her rage.

“Its pretty much the same reason why so many rich and successful men would find themselves a lover—because they want something new.

From what I know about Mu Feichi, he would never marry those he wasnt attracted to, but the problem is that the lady he is attracted to does not come from a good family.

That is why he chose the smartest option.

He chose to pave the road for her so that she could achieve the status worthy of marrying him.

And, Ive got to be honest, shes living up to his expectations too.

It took no more than a year for her to destroy the Han Family and even topple Jingdus balance.

Youve been in this circle ever since you were born.

You should understand what it means to cause the Big Four Conglomerate Families to change.”

“I…” It was natural that Qi Siyu knew what it meant.

To become the First-class socialite, she had learned a lot about the situation of Jingdu and gained the connection that she had needed.

And because she knew about that, she clearly could tell that Yun Xi wasnt a simple nobody, but someone who could become her biggest rival.

That was the first time Qi Siyu felt so much jealousy in her, to the point where her heart was racing.

She could not believe that she felt so threatened by someone whom she hadnt even met.

“She has something that attracted Mu Feichi, something normal girls like you dont have.” Qi Yichen closed the file and let out a sigh as he handed it back to his sister.

“The more I learn about her, the more intrigued I am.

If you dont want to become just another girl, then you should learn about what he really likes and is interested in.

Dont do something stupid like that Han Wanling.

The more you try to make yourself appealing to him, the less worthy you are to him.”

“Dont you see thats what Ive been doing To not get stuck between him and dad, Ive been holding back my urge to see him.

And the only way I could do that was to live in another country…” Qi Siyu said in a weak voice.

It was clear that she was dejected.

“You still havent answered my question yet, you know Whats so good about him”

Qi Siyu smiled bitterly and said, “Dont you know the answer to that since you know so much about him Hes a military man who has been to countless battlefields and survived.

That alone is more than attractive enough.

For someone to see so many deaths at such a young age, Im sure hes the type who only devotes his love to a single person.

Have you ever seen any man from prestigious families being devoted to their relationship”

“Devoted…” Qi Yichen clicked his tongue.

“How are you so sure”

“Because I believe in him.”

“But arent there a lot of devoted men in Jingdu as well”

Qi Siyu finally showed a warm smile.

“But they arent my prince charming.”

“Fine… If you still think hes worth it, then let me help you.”

“What are you going to do Im warning you, dont do anything stupid.

I wont have you ruin my plan.”

There was no way Qi Siyu was going to trust her brother in terms of getting things done, as he had always been a player.

“Dont worry.

I wont do anything thatll make him hate you.” Qi Yichen gently tapped his sisters shoulder.

“Instead of worrying about that, you should think of how to solve the battle between him and dad.

As long as they remain enemies, you will never be able to be with him.

Of course, marrying him is the easiest way to solve the fight between our families, but to do that, Mu Feichi has to fall for you first, which seems almost impossible now.”

The mention of the fight between her family and Mu Feichis family was the problem that had been causing headaches for Qi Siyu.

She felt as if her energy was instantly drained from her body.

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