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While both of the men wanted to support Yun Xi, they did not get out of the car when they reached the hotel in the end.

When the car stopped in front of the hotel, it was the driver who went down with her.

The two men watched enviously as the driver helped Yun Xi unload her luggage, but none of them had the guts to get out to help her as they were afraid that they would attract too much attention.

The paparazzi had been waiting around the hotel since earlier that day.

Their lenses were all aimed at the hotels entrance.

Even if there was a barricade set up to stop the paparazzi from entering, they would still try anything to get a scoop.

Yun Xi handed her invitation to the reception in the lobby, which was tightly guarded.

Her timing was perfect as most of the participants had arrived at the same time as well.

The moment she turned around, she saw a number of ladies from different families arriving in expensive cars.

Each of them had at least four to five bodyguards surrounding them.

If one hadnt known better, they wouldve thought it was the Academy Awards, and the ladies were all famous actresses.

In a place where beauty and status meant everything, every one of them wanted to stand out from the person next to them.

Although everyone knew that their guards wouldnt be able to enter the hotel, the ladies still brought them along for the short distance from their cars to the entrance, just to show how special they were.

Yun Xi stood at the entrance as if she was watching a show with the ladies from the rich families as the main actors.

It didnt take long for her to find Zhao Yumo with her driver among the crowd, and she quickly waved her hand.

Among all of the ladies, only Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo did not have bodyguards.

And because of that, they had attracted a lot of attention.

Yun Xi did not mind that other people were looking at her with disdain, as if she was lower than them.

She was so used to it that she was calm and collected, which made her shine among all the ladies.

After giving her invitation to the security, Zhao Yumo cheerfully whispered to Yun Xi, “Doesnt this feel like a pageant show”

“Isnt it a pageant show” Yun Xi scoffed.

“Well, almost, maybe The main goal of a pageant show is fame and money.

These ladies already have that.

They dont need to be the prettiest to live a life.

Dont you see all the expensive things they are wearing Its like they are afraid that people wont know they are loaded with money.

Well, to Fool Jiang and the other judges, they are all second-rate.”

After learning with Jiang Chenghuan for so long, she was now a complete copy of the head of the Jiang family in terms of taste and appreciation.

Yun Xi did not expect Zhao Yumo, who was always carefree, to make such a comment, and she laughed, “Looks like youve learned a lot from Fool Jiang.

You are as cruel as he is now.”

The most important quality for a lady from a prestigious family was her character and virtue, not her riches and status.

And character and virtue would manifest themselves through how much time she had spent perfecting herself and the people she surrounded herself with.

From family education to the way she spoke to other people, every one of those qualities was part of the criteria for the pre-judging.

Family background, education, and even wealth would not be able to change the true color of a person.

In terms of judging a character, the heads of the Three Great Clans were the best ones among the judges.

“Of course! He has been controlling me like crazy.

If I didnt know that this was for my best, I wouldve run away a long ago.”

As they spoke, the hotel manager approached the ladies with a basket of room key cards.

Fortunately, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were arranged to be in the same room.

Not a second after they had taken their key cards, someone approached them from behind.

“Why the heck are you two here”

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