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Yun Xi didnt even have to turn around to know who the person was.

It was a voice that she could recognize anywhere in the world.

Zhao Yumo and her turned around at the same time and looked at Liang Xinyi, who, like every other lady at the hotel, came perfectly dressed and was surrounded by guards.

Yun Xi studied her cousin for a brief second.

Although there was a phrase that said fine feathers make fine birds, the expensive dress and bags werent enough to hide the sarcastic nature that Liang Xinyi was born with.

It was the same situation that she had seen with Mu Feichi and Jiang Chenghuan back in the car.

Even when the former was in his pajamas, he still looked like a noble, while the latter looked like a playful man, even in his suit.

In the end, some things could not be bought with money.

Liang Xinyi did not expect she would run into Yun Xi at the pre-judging.

It took her a few seconds to make sure the person in front of her was actually Yun Xi.

She could understand why Zhao Yumo was there, as the Zhao family was also prestigious, but she never thought that her cousin had the right to participate in the Socialite Ball.

Liang Xinyi had checked the name list beforehand and did not see Yun Xis name in it.

She thought that her cousin was either pretending to be someone else or had snuck in.

But since it was almost impossible to pretend to be someone else in such a small circle, the only explanation was that Yun Xi had snuck into the venue.

“How are you here” Liang Xinyi ignored Zhao Yumo and directed her attention to Yun Xi.

“I thought you werent going to participate in the Socialite Ball Did you even get an invitation How did you get in”

Liang Xinyi purposely raised her voice as if she was afraid that she might not catch other peoples attention.

As the participants were members of prestigious families, the security at the hotel was one of the best.

Neither the hotel nor the security would allow someone to sneak into the venue.

It didnt take long for the hotel manager to approach them, and he immediately asked Liang Xinyi about the situation.

Liang Xinyi was so set on chasing Yun Xi out of the venue as wherever her cousin was, things had never gone her way once.

It was as if she was being suffocated by the presence of Yun Xi.

“She didnt get an invitation! Im sure of that! I dont see her name on the list! She mustve snuck in! Hurry up and chase her out!” Liang Xinyi roared as she pointed at Yun Xi.

She was trying her best to hide her grin, thinking that she had finally bested her cousin.

The hotel manager would not chase someone out just because one of the participants said so.

Instead, he respectfully asked Yun Xi, “Miss, may I know your name”

“Miss Yun” The hotel manager was stunned for a second when he heard Yun Xis name.

He quickly wiped the sweat off his forehead and shook her hand to apologize for the inconvenience.

“Im sorry, Miss Yun.

Even though you arent on the name list, we have confirmation that you have received the invitation to the Socialite Ball.”

Jiang Chenghuan had reminded the hotel manager to take good care of Yun Xi days before the pre-judging.

The manager was about to ask the reception which one Yun Xi was when Liang Xinyi began shouting.

Thankfully, he was quick-witted enough not to jump to any conclusions right away, or else he wouldve offended Yun Xi and the Jiang family.

“Miss Yun, Miss Zhao, I see you both already have your key cards.

Please head on up and have a rest.

You can use the phone in the room to call the lobby if you need anything.

Our staff will be on standby twenty-four-seven.”

Liang Xinyi turned to look at the hotel manager with wide eyes before turning back to look at Yun Xi.

She had never even once gotten any word that her cousin had received an invitation.

It just seemed impossible to her.

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