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Liang Xinyi couldnt help but lose control of her emotions when she saw Yun Xi.

It was the same as every other time.

Whether it was because she was defeated by her cousin countless times over the year, or because she had been looking down on her, or was even scared of Yun Xi, she could never keep her calm when she was in Yun Xis presence.

As long as Yun Xi was present, there was only one ending for Liang Xinyi, and that was losing to her.

Liang Xinyi wouldnt mind if she had lost to other people, but she always thought of herself as someone better than her cousin.

Thus, she just could not stand to see herself being bested by Yun Xi.

“Impossible! How could she have gotten an invitation when shes not on the list Its clear that she snuck her way in here!”

If Liang Xinyi were to know that Yun Xi was also going to participate in the Socialite Ball, she wouldve done everything she could to stop her cousin from coming.

The hotel manager took a disdainful glance at the lady who was throwing a fit.

Although he had no idea what was going on between them, he knew that no matter what the case was, he must not offend Yun Xi as he was personally requested by the head of the Jiang family to make sure that nothing bad happened to her.

“Reception! Get me Miss Yuns invitation and show it to this lady!” The hotel manager was afraid that Liang Xinyi would not understand even if he showed her the invitation.

Thus, he gave her another explanation.

“Miss, the list was announced quite a while ago.

Those who have received an invitation but are not on the list, were invited after the list was out.

They are participants who were personally recommended by prestigious families.

The name list isnt the final list.”

The reception quickly found Yun Xis invitation and handed it to the manager.

He opened it and showed it to Liang Xinyi.

“Please take a look.

This is Miss Yuns invitation.

And this here This is the Jiang familys stamp.”

The mention of the Jiang family immediately shifted everyones attention onto Yun Xi.

The only Jiang family who had the power to personally recommend someone to the Socialite Ball, was none other than the Jiang family of the Three Great Clans.

Everyone then turned to look at Liang Xinyi, who had found herself completely embarrassed by her actions.

Not only did Yun Xi have an invitation, but she also had one that was personally stamped by one of the Three Great Clans.

“Impossible! Isnt the representative of the Jiang family Miss Jiang Who gives her the right to participate in their name”

Liang Xinyi was completely anxious when she saw Yun Xis name and the Jiang familys stamp on the invitation.

She even learned about who each prestigious family would recommend beforehand and had taken the liberty to get close to the representative of the Jiang family.

To become friends with her, Liang Xinyi even almost licked her shoe.

Never did she think that Yun Xi would participate as well.

However, it wasnt the end of the world for Liang Xinyi since she knew how prideful Jiang Yuwen was.

The moment Jiang Yuwen heard about this would be the death of Yun Xi.

Just as Yun Xi was about to speak, someone from the crowd spoke first.

“Liang Xinyi, didnt you come here using the Han familys spot as well Since Im representing the Su family, what gives you the right to do that Everyone knows about your relationship with Han Zhongteng.

Wait, did you sleep with him to get onto the list”

Liang Xinyis face instantly turned pale the moment Su Ximan spoke.

She gripped her fists tightly as she glared at Su Ximan, wanting to rip her face off for humiliating her in front of so many people.

Almost everyone had heard of the scandal between Liang Xinyi and Han Zhongteng.

To bring the topic up was a humiliation to Liang Xinyi.

Now that everyone was going to talk about it, her reputation would be ruined and she would not even get the chance to pass the pre-judging.

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