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The way that Jiang Yuwen phrased her question made it clear that she couldnt believe that Yun Xi would actually get an invitation with the stamp of the Jiang familys head.

Her arrogance made it seem like Yun Xi was nothing more than a thief or a liar in her eyes.

The crowd who had their opinion shifted not long ago by Su Ximan changed their minds once again now that someone from the Jiang family had spoken up.

Everyone now turned their attention to Yun Xi.

They were all curious as to how the lady, whom they and Jiang Yuwen had never heard of, managed to get her hands on the invitation, which was stamped by the head of the Jiang family himself.

They wanted to see how Yun Xi, who had kept her mouth shut the whole time, would try to explain herself.

With how the situation had turned out, Yun Xis plan of keeping a low profile was completely ruined.

She knew she had no choice but to stand in the spotlight to clear her name.

“If its the stamp of the familys head, then wouldnt it come from Second Master Jiang himself” she coldly replied.

“Impossible! We only have one representative this year, and its me! Why wouldnt he tell me if there was someone else representing our family Who are you to him Why would he give an invitation to some normal lady whom we have never heard of”

Jiang Yuwen could not believe her cousin would invite someone else when he knew how much she wanted to become the First-class Socialite.

“Well, if he didnt tell you,” Yun Xi smiled, “then isnt it because he thinks that it wont affect you in any way”

Jiang Chenghuan didnt think that his cousin would even pass the pre-judging, which was why he didnt even tell her that Yun Xi was going to participate.

His attitude showed that he never once thought that his cousin would pose any threat to her.

If someone was smart enough, they wouldve understood the sarcasm in Yun Xis words—that she was saying even if she wasnt there, Jiang Yuwen would not win the title either way.

However, she was sure that Jiang Yuwen wouldnt be able to understand it.

She finally understood why even Mu Feichi would call Jiang Yuwen an idiot.

For someone from the Three Great Clans to be used by Liang Xinyi, it was clear that Jiang Yuwen wasnt smart.

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“Of course.

Someone like you wouldnt affect me, but that doesnt mean the Socialite Ball is for everyone, especially not with our familys name.

Do you think…”

Before Jiang Yuwen could even finish her sentence, a clear voice coming from the crowd cut her short.

“If the stamp is real, then she has the right to participate no matter where she came from.

Are you questioning the family heads decision”

The person who had spoken, never thought that she would actually see someone who would bring embarrassment to her own family.

The crowd immediately gave way as Qi Siyu emerged from the crowd in a khaki-colored coat.

Even in her high heels, she was able to walk forward elegantly.

A lot of people immediately recognized the First-class Socialite and reacted.

As they exclaimed at how pretty and elegant she looked, they greeted, “Good morning, Miss Qi.”

Qi Siyu gently smiled back at the people who had greeted her.

Even her slightest movement was filled with grace, something the other ladies struggled to achieve, even with a lot of money.

Jiang Yuwens expression changed the moment she saw Qi Siyu.

It was as if she had fallen into a puddle of waste.

As she was always arrogant due to her family backing her up, she had always looked down on other people.

However, whenever shes in front of Qi Siyu, shes always felt suffocated.

She always had the false sense that no matter what she did, the Prime Ministers daughter constantly seemed to be better than her.

And because of that false sense, Jiang Yuwen had always been trying to best Qi Siyu and trample over her.

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