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The window in the back seat was tightly shut, and Qi Siyu watched as Mu Feichis car drove away from her view, but all she could do was watch.

She couldnt even find the strength to pull her legs off the ground.

Well, that was Mu Feichi.

Despite having been within her reach, he was so cold, so distant, and impossible to read.

She had always been worshipped by others, but when it came to him, she was always the one who had to put aside her pride and chase after him.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at Qi Siyu who was standing on the red carpet.

Then he realized why she was hurrying out.

Thinking about the car that had driven away behind him, he couldnt help but let out a chuckle.

Walking up to her, Jiang Chenghuan suddenly halted for a while.

Qi Siyu quickly returned to her senses.

There was a trace of disappointment and frustration that lingered on her flustered face for not being able to see Mu Feichi.

It was rare to see the first-class socialite—who had always been so proud, confident, and flawless—looking utterly embarrassed, which certainly put Jiang Chenghuan in a pretty good mood.

”Second Master Jiang, why are you here” changing the expression on her face, Qi Siyu gave a dignified and polite smile to hide her embarrassment.

”Im here to join in on the excitement! Why, cant I” Jiang Chenghuan shrugged his coat, looking carefree and laid-back.

“Besides, there are so many young ladies and socialites from all over the country here today.

Its the perfect opportunity to see if there is anyone suited to be my potential Madam Jiang.”

”The socialites in there are all heiresses of wealthy and prestigious families.

They have outstanding knowledge, looks, and family background.

Im sure any one of them is well-suited to be the madam of a powerful man like you.

But if you really want to choose, youre better off waiting for the final selection at the banquet.

Those of us who have been thoroughly selected to participate in the banquet are the real socialites and heiresses of aristocratic families.”

”My taste is rather unique.

Perhaps I might not like those who make it into the final selection.”

Jiang Chenghuan chuckled lightly, then turned around and walked inside.

Qi Siyu clenched her fists slightly, took a deep breath, turned around and followed him.

It didnt matter who he and Mu Feichi had come here for today.

With that girls identity and background, there was no way she would make it to the end and become the next first-class socialite.

Back in the hotel lobby, after Qi Siyu had left, and with no one around to vent at, Jiang Yuwen went straight for Yun Xi.

”Even if this is my cousins seal, not everyone can casually stroll into this social banquet.

Which family are you from Are you even qualified to enter under the title of our Jiang family I dont want anyone using the Jiang name just to disgrace us!”

Yun Xi glanced at the figure coming in through the entrance and smiled teasingly.

Compared to Jiang Yuwens aggressive and arrogant demeanor, her calmness was more befitting of an heiress of the Jiang family.

”My surname is Yun.

Im from the Yun family.”

”Yun… Is there even a Yun family among the prestigious families of Jingdu Why have I never heard of you A measly girl thats not even from money dares to come in here and take up space meant for the Jiangs.

How could my cousin send an invitation to someone like you…”

”Must I ask for your opinion before doing anything” A cold voice came from a distance, and the crowd of socialites circling made way.

Jiang Chenghuans tall and proud figure stood in the middle of them as his eyes fell coldly on Jiang Yuwen.

”Are you the head of the family or am I” Jiang Chenghuan stepped forward, with a chilling coldness, without the usual laid-back vibe and free-spirited hedonism that he always exuded.

His compelling aura sent shivers down Jiang Yuwens spine.

Jiang Chenghuan completely crushed his cousins pride in front of so many people, and Jiang Yuwens face immediately paled in anger.

”Yun Xi is the honored guest I invited.

She is a benefactor of our family.

My mother is about to accept her as a goddaughter which makes her my sister.

Tell me, is she qualified now”

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