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Back in the room, after Yun Xi had put her luggage down, she carefully checked the facilities inside the room and the surrounding of the balcony outside.

After confirming that there was no danger in sight, she finally came back in and settled down.

”Say, do you think Jiang Yuwen came here specifically just to disgrace the Jiang family Someone like her is so uncivilized for a socialite, and Jiang Er actually dared to let her out and bring shame to the family.

With the way she behaved today, thinking she was being righteous, trying to stand up for Liang Xinyi, was more than enough to lower the status of the Jiang family.”

Zhao Yumo plopped down on the couch and casually grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl.

After wiping it clean, she took a bite.

“I bet she wont make it to the finals!”

”Qi Siyu was here today, yet Jiang Yuwen was still so arrogant even after being completely humiliated.

She couldnt even turn the situation around because of Fool Jiang.

I believe shes bound to cause more trouble later on.

Lets be careful, so we dont get dragged down by her.

And it doesnt matter if she cant make it to the finals, Im still looking forward to the banquet.”

”She has her eyes on us now, so we must be careful.”

Yun Xi nodded, then the phone in her pocket began to ring.

After glancing at the caller ID, she answered the phone.

”How was your encounter with the beauty without brains, baby”

Mu Feichis laid-back voice came from the other end of the line.

His tone sounded as if he was well aware of her current situation, but had no intention of intervening at all.

Instead, he was just watching from the sidelines.

”Well, she certainly fits your notable assessment, Young Commander.”

”Dont worry about offending the Jiang family.

Whatever happens, Fool Jiang will be there to back you up.

And if thats not enough, Ill be here.”

”I know.

Ill deal with it properly.”

”If people dont mess with me, I wont mess with them.

But if anyone comes at me, Ill just have to strike them where it hurts,” she thought to herself.

”The security guards on your floor are all my people.

If you need anything, just tell them, and theyll get it done for you.

While youre there for the next two days, try not to leave the hotel if you can help it.

After the assessment is over, you will be sent directly to Luyi Villa.

Ill be waiting there for you.”

”Arent you worried that I wont be able to pass this round, and end up being eliminated”

”Babe, Ive already declared the reward for the grand winner.

Dont tell me youre going to stand me up right now”

”That was the bait you used to catch Han Wanling.

That wasnt for me.”

”…” Hearing those words made Mu Feichis blood boil!

Although the reward of having the first dance was to lure Han Wanling back, the fish he had wanted to catch was Yun Xi!

He had put so much effort into her coming-of-age ceremony, yet the little girl couldnt see through his intentions at all.

Was she trying to drive him up the wall

”What if I told you that I did that for you”

”I guess… I can believe you.”

”Such reluctance.

Fine, then Ill be waiting.

If I dont see you, then you better be prepared to get punished!”

Mu Feichi had just hung up the phone when he received a call from Qi Yuan.

“Young Commander, we have an urgent mission.

A civil war has broken out in Country M, the president has just issued a notice to have the navy and civil aviation go forth and evacuate the expatriates, and youre required to lead two teams of special forces as backup.”

Mu Feichi furrowed his brows, and his dark eyes turned frosty, “Oh, what a coincidence.”

He had just sent Yun Xi off to the hotel to participate in the selection, and he immediately received the order to carry out an international rescue and evacuation operation.

What a coincidence indeed!

”Everyone has arrived and is waiting for your return!”


Im heading back right now.” Hanging up the phone, Mu Feichi informed the driver to take him back to Mount Tianyu.

Just when the car reached Mount Tianyus sentry post, Qi Yuan had already driven over, and was there waiting for him.

As soon as Mu Feichi hopped in, he immediately sped off toward the training ground.

Jin Lei—who hardly ever showed up on normal occasions—was also standing in front of the team next to Li Zilan.

Everyone was fully equipped with their weapons as they stood stiffly on the snow-covered ground waiting for Mu Feichis return to give his orders.

As soon as Mu Feichi arrived, Yi Qianmo—who had been sitting in the car checking international news—opened the car door and got down with his notebook in his hand.

With a gloomy expression on his face, he looked at the man who had just rushed over.

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