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“The situation is far more serious than we anticipated.

The president has issued an order to evacuate the expatriates there, but we received news from the embassy that the local militants have kidnapped a group of tourists from Jun Country and a group of United Nations volunteers who were teaching in Country M.

There are over a dozen citizens of Jun Country altogether.”

Mu Feichi turned his head and glanced at Yi Qianmo, “Didnt I already issue a notice to travel agencies to cancel all tour groups for country M Why are they still going to that war-torn place at a time like this”

“Thats precisely why I had someone check out this travel agency.

As it turns out, the boss of this agency is a distant relative of the Qi family.

Theyre barely related, but Im guessing it had something to do with the Qis.”

“Sending a bunch of people there to be kidnapped during a war, then expecting me to go over with a rescue team.

What a genius trap! To have me transferred out of the country with such deliberate efforts, and so flawlessly done at that.

Im impressed.”

“The social banquet is in two days.

If you were to lead the rescue team, Im afraid you wont be able to make it back in time.

Especially since the Qi family intends to get you out of the country, I fear something huge might happen in the country while youre away!”

Mu Feichi nodded, his dark eyes were cold, and his thin lips curled into a sinister smirk, “It seems the big fish Ive been eyeing for so long is about to take the bait!”

“You mean the Crocodile” Yi Qianmos face scrunched up.

“If thats the case, then itd be better if you stayed in the country to lure the snakes out of their holes, while I handle the rescue mission in Country M!”

Mu Feichi turned his head slightly and glanced at the determined Yi Qianmo beside him, then he smirked, “Thats exactly what I had in mind! Youll be in charge of leading this rescue operation.

Jin Lei will cooperate with you throughout the entire process, while I command from within the country.

But Ill still have to pretend to follow the rest of you, or they might just find out.

Im afraid they wont show themselves if they hear that I did not leave the country.”

Yi Qianmo nodded.

He had never done anything like this before, so he was a little worried that he might not be up for the task.

“Dont worry.

Li Zilan and Jin Lei can cooperate very well together.

Even without me there, they can still complete the task.

You only need to command them from behind the scenes.

With your abilities, are you worried that you wont be able to save the hostages”

“But if I screw up, you might end up losing the heroic reputation youve built all your life as the Young Commander of Jun Country.

Doesnt that worry you”

“So for the sake of my good name, you have to do your best to prevent me from being embarrassed.”

“Easy for you to say.

Im a novice.

Who knows what could happen out there Being out on the front-line in a battlefield is my worst nightmare.”

No sane person who had been on the battlefield and witnessed the gunpowder smoke and hails of bullets raining down on human lives as if they were nothing but wild grass in those war-torn places would ever willingly set foot out there again.

Mu Feichi sighed softly and patted his shoulder.

“Practicing in person is always better than talking about it on paper.

Its time you unsheathed that sharp blade of yours.

If all else fails, Ill be behind you!”

If he didnt want to sit and wait around in Jun Country to catch the Crocodile, then he had to go out there and do it himself.

“Okay, I hope everything goes well.” Yi Qianmo shut his notebook and looked at the two impeccably trained members of the special forces in front of him, and a heavy pressure crept upon him.

Mu Feichi put away his hands and turned to look at Li Zilan and Jin Lei.

The two had cultivated a strong tacit understanding with him over the past year.

Jin Lei was like his very own shadow-like existence, while Li Zilan—being the second sniper—was even more capable of cooperating with him tacitly.

Having the two of them around was equivalent to having him there, so he wasnt the least bit worried about the rescue mission.

Standing straight, he gave a military salute to the team in front of him.

His charming face was serious and dignified.

Even without wearing a military uniform, what radiated from him was the pride of a soldier and the iron-blooded solemnity that could not be ignored.

“As the most experienced members of the special forces, I hope all of you will return safely from this international rescue and evacuation operation.

Just like previous rescue missions, you must obey commands, cooperate tacitly, and successfully complete the mission!”

“Yes, sir!” The high-spirited response resounded throughout the valley.

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