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“Careful, thats a scalpel!”

Yun Xi lifted her head and gave her a mischievous wink, then put away the scalpel and quickly inserted it back into her hair.

“All done, lets go! Come on, theres going to be a good show later!”

”What A good show” Zhao Yumo glanced at Su Ximan who was slowly walking up to them from behind, then back at the cunning-looking Yun Xi, and wondered in puzzlement.

”Jiang Yuwen was bold enough to make a move on you, so well just have to let her have a taste of her own medicine,” Yun Xi smiled.

Without explaining much, she turned her around, and they walked toward the venue.

Su Ximan was walking behind and had seen through Yun Xis little tricks.

She truly was a little girl who simply did not surrender! However, she had to admit that this girl was rather fascinating.

It was no wonder that the finicky Young Commander was attracted to her.

The ladies entered the venue one after the other.

It seemed that no one had anticipated that the judges would arrive earlier than them! In the last five minutes of the scheduled time, a few ladies who had arrived late were stumped when they saw the judges sitting in the front row just below the stage.

As if completely forsaking their graceful image, they quickly searched through the many rows of seats with nameplates for the one labeled with their names.

Because Jiang Yuwen had wasted time with Yun Xi at the door—when she arrived at the venue, she bumped into the few ladies who were late and eager to find a seat, and she crowded the aisle along with the rest to find her nameplate.

Yun Xi saw Zhao Yumos seat in just a glance and nodded at her, telling her to go ahead.

Then, she moved to the aisle on the side and got behind Jiang Yuwen.

Her high heels stomped firmly on the hem of Jiang Yuwens cumbersome dress.

As her long draping dress was being stepped on, Jiang Yuwen finally found her seat.

Then, just as she lifted her feet forward, her dress was suddenly pulled back!

Yun Xi quickly retracted her feet, turned around as if nothing had happened, and walked to her seat, which she had already located earlier.

”Aaaaaah—” The high-pitched scream behind her resounded throughout the entire venue in a split second! Given Jiang Yuwens massive breasts along with her unbound tube top dress that had lost its zipper, the entire upper half of her dress was pulled down by the forceful tug!

The unexpected accident happened all too suddenly.

Jiang Yuwen couldnt grab onto the falling dress in time, revealing her bare upper body and leaving her fully exposed for all to see!

Several male judges and Qi Siyu turned their heads, one after another, at the sound of the scream and looked directly at the topless Jiang Yuwen.

It was as though no one had anticipated such a sight, and the male judges tacitly frowned and turned away, not daring to stare a second longer.

The other socialites who were not fond of Jiang Yuwen covered their mouths and started snickering.

Jiang Yuwen, who had finally realized what was happening, immediately screamed and stretched out her hands to cover her chest.

She turned her head around and slapped Liang Xinyi who was standing behind her—as if she was the one who had stepped on her dress.

”F*cking b*tch!” The slap echoed throughout the entire venue, and all the socialites watching her outburst felt elated and relieved of their dissatisfaction toward her.

She had slapped Liang Xinyi right in front of the judges, and her being the most honorable yet also the most threatening lady of the Jiang family was now completely disqualified in their eyes!

The forceful slap knocked Liang Xinyi to the ground.

After she finally managed to regain her balance, she covered her face, feeling aggrieved and overwhelmed with resentment as she gritted her teeth and held back her anger.

The chatter around made Jiang Yuwen blush.

Her dress was just the right size, and perhaps even slightly too small for her huge bosom, so she hadnt worn a bra underneath.

And now that her upper body was completely exposed from that sudden tug, she was drowning in shame!

Covering her chest and bending down, she kicked Liang Xinyi, who had fallen on the ground next to her.

With a threatening tone, she growled, “Arent you going to help me”

Everyone was waiting to watch her embarrass herself further.

The only one who could help her now was her little one-woman posse, who followed her everywhere she went.

She wasnt going to punish Liang Xinyi at this very moment.

That could wait until after she had sorted herself out.

”Alright, everyone.

Stop staring.

Let her sort herself out!” Qi Siyu stood up at the perfect time and waved at a group of socialites.

“Hurry up and give her some cover so that she can get dressed!”

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