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This notable book focused on a specialized subject.

She did not understand several professional terms that were specific to the field, and it was not easy for her to fully translate them.

The girl had chosen a difficult question the moment she came on stage.

Such dumb luck!

Yun Xi looked at the English paragraph on screen.

While others were breaking a cold sweat for her, she couldnt help but feel secretly happy inside.

This was indeed a difficult question to solve, and it was just her luck that she had gotten the most difficult translation.

However, this notable book was the exact one she had used as a reference for her graduation thesis in her previous life, and she was more than familiar with it!

Turning her head, she glanced at the judges beneath the stage and inadvertently saw Qi Siyus look of anticipation and gloating delight.

With a faint smile, she nodded at the judges indicating that she was ready to speak.

”The great disparity in structure enables it to maintain the maximum number of biological lifeforms…”

A perfect translation was uttered fluently without too many pauses.

The precisely spoken English and Chinese translation made the crowd feel like they were listening to a speech.

The female judge who came up with the question listened to her reiterate the passage in English.

Her precise pronunciation garnered her frequent nods of admiration.

Just a moment ago, the judge was worried that the girl might end up embarrassing herself for choosing the most difficult question they had prepared.

To her surprise, it did not stumble her one bit.

Listening to her perfect translation, it sounded as though she had actually read the original book, and her memory was impeccable at that!

After Yun Xi finished answering the question, the female judge couldnt help but ask a few more questions.

“I just read your profile.

You were the top scholar for three majors in Jing High School, and you are now majoring in medicine at Jingdu University”

”Yes, that is correct,” Yun Xi nodded.

”You answered very well.

Its rare to see someone your age speaking so fluently!”

After a few rounds of questions, Yun Xi had silently memorized all the scores given by Qi Siyu.

All of which were more or less the same score as the other judges had given, neither too high nor too low to cause any suspicion.

She had given her pretty much the same score as she gave Liang Xinyi, and that really made her want to both laugh and cry at the same time.

Was Qi Siyu doing this because she had something against her, yet didnt want to seem too obvious Now, that was interesting!

The final results came out, and Yun Xi barely made it through to the finals.

She was the fifth from the bottom of those who qualified, while Liang Xinyi fell right in the last place, making her just worthy enough in the ranking to qualify.

Zhao Yumos performance far exceeded Yun Xis expectations.

Especially after being trained by Fool Jiang recently, she had beaten a bunch of socialites and was ranked very high.

Su Ximans results were also good, but Yun Xi didnt think she was too keen to become a first-class socialite.

She seemed like she was just going through the motions.

She was purely doing it to help paint a good picture for the Su familys reputation while making sure not to bring shame to the family.

The only accident they encountered was with Han Qin, who had surprisingly been keeping a low profile these days.

It was uncertain whether she was afraid she might get humiliated and ridiculed because the Hans were recently kicked out of the Big Four, or if Han Hongbin had warned her not to cause any more trouble.

For once, she was being good and had been keeping up appearances the entire time.

She was so low-key that Yun Xi had almost forgotten about her existence!

The Shen family and the other Jiang family did not have daughters attending the banquet, but they had some others from their extended family.

Yun Xi didnt know any of them, but she roughly knew their names.

The Su family only had Su Ximan to represent the family.

For all of them, the primary round of screening was nothing worrying.

When Yun Xi returned to the floor of her room after the assessment was over, she asked the bodyguards manning the floor for updates about Jiang Yuwen.

Unexpectedly, she had already left, and Yun Xi had one less thing to worry about.

”Yun Xi, dont you think Liang Xinyis performance today was too unusual If she really didnt cheat, Ill give up my surname for hers!”

Yun Xi smiled.

Taking off her hairpin, she sat down casually.

“If I can get my hands on all the information on the judges, it wouldnt be too hard for her to get the test questions from Qi Siyu and memorize them in advance.

Didnt you notice that she gave Liang Xinyi reasonable scores though”

”Thats true.

Now, Im curious who she got it from.

Do you think it was Han Yaotian or Han Zhongteng If it was Han Zhongteng, she mightve had to sell her body again!”

”Tut-tut, Momo, you have been badly influenced by Fool Jiang.

Thats all the value she has, and you saw right through her!”

”Well, it cant be helped.

Im just telling it as it is.

All the decision-making banquet judges are aware of every detail about her.

If she wanted to rise the ranks, wouldnt she have to sleep her way up Some might not even want her behind closed doors!”

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