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With Ling Jings dress on her, she would have no problem standing out from the rest of the ladies!

Ling Jing looked coldly at the woman walking toward him.

He found her actions peculiar and frowned faintly.

As he turned away, he saw Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo getting out of their car.

As soon as Qiao Ximin approached him, and before she could even speak, he walked past her and went straight toward Yun Xi.

There was a tinge of awkwardness in the air, and Qiao Ximin did not know what to do to lessen the embarrassment with the frozen smile plastered across her face.

When the surrounding ladies who had been green with envy saw Ling Jing ignore Qiao Ximin and walk right past her, a few of them began to snicker quietly.

As it turned out, it was all just in her head, and he wasnt there for her at all.

She was left hanging in shame.

She was the daughter of a family with new money, but it didnt matter how rich she was, there was no way she could buy Ling Jings design without having enough connections.

Everyone watched the embarrassed Qiao Ximin, then turned to look at Ling Jing who finally stopped in front of Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo, and it finally dawned on them.

Compared with the daughter of a family with new money, the head of the Jiang family had more influence, and him being able to hire the mighty Ling Jing was no surprise.

Seeing Ling Jing handing the gift box to Yun Xi, Qiao Ximins face turned green with envy, especially with the chattering voices around her.

She felt so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole, and hide in it.

Although she had always known that this girl had a close relationship with the Young Commander, she did not expect that their relationship would be so close that he would let his personal stylist design for her.

That was a dress that only the First Lady was qualified to wear!

In all of Jingdu, Ling Jing was the only designer whose clothes had the power to represent the wearers identity! All the socialites here knew what it meant to be able to get a piece of Ling Jings craftsmanship.

Everyone was well aware that the price of his dresses was just a number, and the true value his dresses contained was a symbol of status!

At that very moment, the way everyone looked at Yun Xi immediately changed.

The amount of envy and hatred they had toward Qiao Ximin a moment ago was now converted to mockery and insult aimed at her.

Yun Xi took Ling Jings gift box, looking completely unperturbed, and politely thanked him.

”I look forward to your performance on the day of the banquet.”

She was the only one who could bring out the best of his designs and his classic retro style.

She had an innate temperament of a lady emanating from her, and she was no less dignified and elegant.

Yun Xi nodded, and just as she was about to head into the villa, she heard Fool Jiangs voice behind her.

”Ah, Ling Jing, youre here too! What a coincidence!” Jiang Chenghuan and Gu Baifan walked over together.

Jiang Chenghuan glanced at the gift box in Yun Xis hand, then he let out a chuckle and joked heartily, “You actually managed to complete it in time.

I thought it would take you between ten days to a half month to make a piece of clothing.

I was worried you wouldnt be able to make it in time, so I even put in an order with a design studio abroad in advance!”

”For such an important event, how could I possibly risk tarnishing my label”

It wouldnt have mattered if he failed to meet the deadline and tarnished his name, because someone else would have probably torn him to pieces first!

Jiang Chenghuan laughed lightly, then turned to look at Yun Xi, “Come on, little girl.

Its cold out here.

lets get you into the villa! Your room is ready.

Ill be staying here for these couple of days, so Ill come by and find you later.”

”Okay!” Yun Xi nodded and dragged Zhao Yumo with her and headed into the villa.

As she walked past Qiao Ximin, she unconsciously turned her head and glanced at her, and the flames burning in those resentful eyes that stared back were dying to burn her into ashes.

Perhaps it was because Qiao Ximin had felt too good about herself the past two days after winning the first place that she forgot who she was.

Yun Xi looked at the flames burning in her eyes that were more intense than before, and vaguely seemed to understand why Qi Siyu had wanted to help her win.

One of the reasons was to support the Qiao family to help secure their position in the Big Four, while the other was to encourage the womans ambition and jealousy and to use her to deal with someone else who was a threat to herself.

What a perfect ploy indeed!

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