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Whether it was an old building or the latest scenic spot after being refurbished, Luyi Villa was decorated with an antique retro style all around.

Complete with timber carved beams, artistically painted walls, and wooden carved screen windows, it emanated the grandeur and elegance of antique design in every corner.

Each bedroom had a unique name.

Yun Xi and Zhao Yumos room was calledTingmei, where plum blossoms with eccentric shapes were planted all around the courtyard.

The branches and the round and pink plum buds were all covered with a thick layer of snow, giving them a unique sense of elegance.

The staff had brought both of their luggage over, and Yun Xi put the heavy gift box in her hand beside the bed.

She then untied the ribbon around it and looked inside.

There were two individual gift boxes inside the big box.

She glanced at the label attached to it.

She took out the blue one and handed it to Zhao Yumo.

”Yumo, you have one too.

Open it and see if it fits.

If it doesnt, you can ask Ling Jing to alter it for you while we still have time.”

”What I have one too But I brought a dress…”

Zhao Yumo looked at the gift box with the JL logo printed on it, and it was delivered together hidden inside Yun Xis gift box.

She didnt need to guess to know who the big spender was.

”Its Second Master Jiangs gesture of kindness.

How could you not accept” Yun Xi poked her arm teasingly.

“Hurry up and try it on.

You have to dazzle them all at the banquet later!”

”What a subtle gesture of kindness!”

Running her fingers across the gift box in her hand, Zhao Yumo looked up and stared at the snow falling outside the window.

Recalling the man who was talking to Yun Xi at the door earlier while his eyes kept settling on her instead, she sighed softly.

”Whats the matter Is it getting awkward now that the two of you have spent too much time together”

At the entrance of the villa, Fool Jiangs eyes were filled with such yearning.

If he didnt restrain himself, people would know there was something fishy going on.

A man with a weak spot was most easily manipulated by others.

”Its not that…” Zhao Yumo shook her head and gazed down to open the gift box.

Inside it was a glacier blue dress.

It was her favorite color.

It was a one-shoulder see-through lace dress with an embroidery design.

The hem of the dress was dotted with protruding crochet flowers, and the entire dress was a gradient of white and glacier blue, which was exquisitely beautiful and elegant.

Yun Xi turned to look at her and nodded her head in admiration.

“Yes, it suits you very well! Compared to the one you brought, this one looks much better!”

Zhao Yumo looked down at her dress and nodded subtly, “Its really better than the one I ordered.

Ling Jings designs are truly the real deal.

No wonder when those socialites looked at you earlier, their eyes were oozing with envy and hatred, especially Qiao Ximin.

She looked so jealous she completely forgot that she had embarrassed herself.”

”Ling Jing is very talented indeed.” Yun Xi took out the dress from her gift box.

There was a hanger holding up the dress.

She carefully laid the dress down and pressed it on the bed, displaying a simple and elegant pastel pink dress in front of her.

Zhao Yumo walked over to the bed.

Looking at the sprawling dress, she couldnt help but exclaim, “Wow, its so beautiful!”

The pastel pink dress was laid on top of the rosy bed sheet.

It brought out the classically simple, yet elegant nude pink Chinese Hanfu design, which had a jacket over it.

The outer jacket in a darker shade was embroidered with beautiful patterns, and it had a deep neckline.

On both sides of the shoulders was a trail of light pink plum blossoms with protruding embroidery detail following the branches that wrapped around the waist.

Below the waist was a layered white tulle embroidered with falling petals and plum blossoms.

The pink and white blended beautifully together, and it was exquisitely retro.

Ling Jings retro Chinese style of design was vividly expressed in his works, and Yun Xi was completely in awe looking at the dress on the bed!

”Darling, this dress suits you perfectly.

This retro yet seductive style is not something anyone can wear! Im amazed yet again by Ling Jings designs! With this on, youll win the hearts of all the men at the banquet! That will definitely drive Qiao Ximin and those b*tches up the wall!”

Yun Xi squinted her eyes and smiled.

For her coming-of-age ceremony, the only person she wanted to wear this for was Mu Feichi.

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