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Qi Siyu had only taken a few steps in her pursuit of Han Qin when, before she could catch up with her, she was stopped by Chen Yichen, who had just come down from upstairs.

Seeing him, Qi Siyu had to give up the idea of ​​catching up with Han Qin.

She stopped and looked up at the man in front of her.

“Eldest Heir, its been quite a while.”

After not having seen him for more than two years, the once high-spirited young man had grown into a sophisticated gentleman, befitting the son of a noble family.

He was just as refined as the cold, arrogant, and high-born head of the Mu family.

“Miss Qi.” Chen Yichen looked at the woman standing in front of him.

She was more beautiful and more poised than she had been at the socialite ball two years ago.

However, he had thought that this woman who had won the title of first-class socialite then would have turned out differently than the other society women of Jingdu.

He had thought that she was dignified, virtuous, and well-behaved, like a real lady.

But to his surprise, after not having seen her for these two years, she had returned today as a judge and had ended up falling into the same rut as all those other jealous and petty women of Jingdu.

When the first round of review scores had been delivered to him, the scores given by Qi Siyu looked fair and strict, but her scoring was flawed when it came to Liang Xinyi.

It would have been understandable if she had given Liang Xinyi a low score just to allow the Qiao family heiress to move up on the scoreboard, but she had deliberately raised Liang Xinyis scores to spite Yun Xi.

Her succumbing to such tacky tactics didnt endear her to him.

Putting his hands in his pockets, Chen Yichen scoffed and said, “I thought a first-class socialite would behave differently from other women, but now it seems that isnt the case.

Werent you hoping to witness the unfolding of a good drama, Miss Qi Well then, come on!”

Before Qi Siyu could open her mouth to respond, Chen Yichen turned into the corridor that Han Qin had disappeared into earlier.

Qi Siyu looked at the arrogant figure with a confused expression.

After a long minute, she finally understood why Chen Yichen was deliberately picking on her.

Was he perhaps standing up for that girl Yun Xi

The Eldest Heir of one of the big four wealthiest families was questioning her motives for the sake of that little girl.

How ridiculous! She couldnt understand why this girl, who had no background or money, was favored by both the Young Commander and the Eldest Heir.

Was it because of that face of hers and or because of her medical skills

With a light chuckle, she turned on her heels and followed him.

She was certainly curious to know what was so special about this little girl that she was able to get these two arrogant men wrapped around her little finger.

Han Qin, who had marched straight over here, stood outside the Tingmei courtyard and looked around.

Before she could take a step further, she saw Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo approaching.

They were standing on a small cobblestone bridge on the other side of the moon gate.

Compared to the view from their quarters, her view of wilting plum branches was certainly much more depressing.

All she could see were lotus ponds that were all bare with dry lotus leaves, and even the chrysanthemums and azaleas in the corners were withered.

This was all very unlike the blooming vitality that Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo were enjoying on this side.

The organizers were obviously biased toward them, giving them the good courtyard, while everyone else had their leftovers.

The unfairness that was evident in this comparison twisted Han Qins heart.

To top it off, with the disdain she already felt toward Yun Xi, she was suddenly overcome with insane jealousy.

She wanted to take everything Yun Xi had from her.

When Yun Xi saw Han Qin standing outside the moon gate, ready to start a fight with her, she suddenly froze on the cobblestone bridge.

She stared at Han Qin, who was only a few yards away, and frowned.

She had thought that Han Qin would have calmed down and would keep her head down.

Alas, here she was again, out to get her! Some people just never learn.

With a soft grunt of determination, she walked over to the moon gate and stared at Han Qin from a close distance of two yards.

It was ironic that the legitimate children of the Han family were all either impulsive like Han Wanling or brainless like Han Qin, whereas the illegitimate children were somehow more ambitious and cunning than the rest of them.

“You wretched girl! How on earth did you convince Ling Jing to design a dress for you Youre just a poor young girl from a nothing family.

Who are you to be wearing such a luxurious dress”

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