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Yun Xi casually adjusted her scarf as she stood on the bridge staring down at Han Qin as if the latter was a clown.

HAH, HAH! “Back at you! Do you think Ill let you off the hook Well, if you are really that fond of settling scores with me like this, then just get on with it.

Its a pain to hold a grudge anyway.”

“What What do you mean by that You are the one who offended me! Dont twist the narrative around.”

Han Qin was utterly infuriated by Yun Xis attitude.

Han Qin could tell that Yun Xi knew that she had been trying to pull her down into the pond with her, or else Yun Xi would never have let go of her.

As long as Yun Xi remained there, Han Qin would never be able to get out of the water.

“Oh Only a few days have passed, and youve forgotten about it And here I thought that the cold water would be enough to wake you up.” Yun Xi scoffed as she coldly stared into the eyes of Han Qin.

“Do you think that youll suffer no consequences after trying to kidnap me”

Han Qins face turned pale upon the mention of that, and she tried to hide from Yun Xis gaze.

“W…what kidnapping What are you talking about”

“Stop acting innocent! And here I thought you would at least keep a low profile after that, at least until the socialite ball was over.

Who wouldve expected that you would let your anger take over and come at me right away Now that youre here, I dont plan on letting you go easily.” Yun Xi would never back down when the chance for her to exact her revenge was right in front of her.

“Han Qin, let me give you a piece of advice.

Next time, remember to bring your brain with you.

What could you even gain from angering me

Yun Xi suddenly paused as she realized there was a mistake in her words.



Theres no more next time for you, because Im going to let you know what it means to mess with me.

Trust me, youll suffer a fate similar to Han Wanlings.

Shes still in prison, right Maybe I should make you her cellmate”

Han Qin could not find her voice, and she felt a shiver down her spine from Yun Xis cold and ruthless stare.

A few seconds later, she managed to ask, “Y…you…what are you going to do”

The Han family was still recovering from the aftereffects of losing their position as one of the big four wealthiest families.

If Yun Xi were to do something to the family again, they would never be able to recover.

Yun Xi smirked, but didnt say anything.

After a few seconds of silence, she dragged Zhao Yumo with her out of the garden.

“Stand right there! Stop! What are you going to do”

No matter how much Han Qin shouted, neither Yun Xi nor Zhao Yumo turned back to look at her.

Throughout this whole incident, none of those three people noticed that there were two other people silently hiding by the side entrance to the garden.

After Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo had left, Chen Yichen laughed and he let out a sigh.

It looked as if he were completely entertained by Yun Xis stubbornness.

“Whats your opinion, Ms.

Qi Do you still think that a lady whos not gentle and has an attitude doesnt deserve the first-class socialite title” Chen Yichen suddenly turned to the person beside him and asked in a teasing manner, “Do you still believe that a first-class socialite should be someone like you Gentle and caring Someone who knows how to read a situation and endure humiliation A robot whose only function is to stop themselves from acting out of character while keeping an elegant appearance”

The directness in Chen Yichens questions was filled with mockery.

Qi Siyus face went from red with anger to pale white in a matter of seconds.

Chen Yichen then added, “To us, or to be more exact, to a person as decorated as the Young Commander, the perfect first-class socialite in your eyes can be described in one word.”

Qi Siyu raised her head to look at the man as if she was waiting for his answer.

She used to think that she knew how men would picture a perfect lady.

However, she had recently come to learn that she had never really understood what a perfect lady was like to them.

Unfortunately, she was very conscious of what a perfect lady was to successful men like Mu Feichi and Chen Yichen.

Chen Yichen smirked before coldly spitting out a single word, “Vulgar.”

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