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Chapter 139: Faith in Her Eyes

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Although Young Marshal Mu had stepped forward to guarantee responsibility, Jiang Wanyun also had many of the same concerns as the doctors.

It wasnt that she didnt believe in Yun Xi, but it was just that the old Madames health was too important to take risks.

“Yun Xi, the old Madames illness isnt trivial nor can treatment be delayed.

She has hemiplegia now and is unable to walk.

Without surgery, there is no cure.”

“I understand that, but the old Madames illness really doesnt require surgery.

She is suffering from hemiplegia now because of an insufficient blood supply to the brain.

The operation is too risky.

The old Madame is unwilling to have the operation, and she cant really tolerate long periods of anesthesia either.”

“I would rather die then undergo surgery, so you all might as well give up.

I know my own body.”

The old Madame was stubborn, and no matter how hard they tried to persuade her, she simply wouldnt agree to the operation.

She was afraid of its consequences.

She was a very proud woman, and she was honestly quite frustrated about being stranded in bed.

However, she was even more worried about the possible side effects of an operation.

There was no middle ground at this time, so Yun Xis appearance had basically made her the old Madames savior at this moment, when she was feeling quite desperate.

“Girl, you said that it can be cured without surgery, what does that mean Is Chinese medicine that magical”

Yun Xi turned her head and smiled at the old Madame gently.

“Its not magic, but Chinese medicine does have a positive effect on this condition.”

As she said this, she turned her head to look at the doctors.

“After the old Madame fainted, did any of you check her for chest tightness, blood pressure, spleen, digestive issues, or liver problems”

The doctors were all caught off guard, but then quickly nodded one after another.

“The old Madame is indeed experiencing digestive and liver issues.

Also, because the weather has gotten colder, she has excessive phlegm, high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries.”

“The pathogenesis of vertigo in traditional Chinese medicine is generally caused by wind, fire, deficiency, phlegm, blood stasis, and dysfunction of the brain.

According to the doctors descriptions, traditional Chinese medicine has identified liver-stomach discord and excessive phlegm.

You should choose Gastrodia, Uncaria, Achyranthes, Eucommia, and Chuanxiong for treatment.

These strengthen the spleen, get rid of excessive phlegm, nourish the kidneys, replenish vitality, nourish the brain, and help maintain mental alertness.”

After a pause, Yun Xi continued, “You can also have someone massage your feet as therapy.

The acupuncture points on the feet can stimulate the meridians.

With proper Chinese medicine therapy, the old Madame will be able to stand up soon.”

“Really” Chen Yichen could see how everyone was worried.

“How long will it take for Grandmas disease to be cured”

“About a week! I can come over to massage old Madames feet every day after class to stimulate blood circulation.

This will not only help increase the blood supply to the brain, but also improve cerebral circulation and increase the cerebral arteries blood flow.”

After she said this, Yun Xi looked toward the old Madame without changing her expression.

“Old Madame, what do you think”

These methods of Chinese medicine were more acceptable to the old Madame than surgery.

“All right, its settled then.

Wanyun, you tell the housekeeper to have the driver pick up Yun Xi from school every day after class, so she can come talk to me.”

She had not only delayed the operation, but having her to chat with made the old Madame much happier.

“Old Madame…”

With worry, the doctors looked at old Madame, who didnt appear to be taking her health seriously.

Then they looked at Yun Xis childish face, and they grew extremely anxious.

“Young Marshal Mu, this is completely unacceptable! If something happens…”

Mu Feichi allowed his gaze to move away from Yun Xi.

He swept his eyes over them coldly.

“Didnt I say just now that I would be held responsible if something goes wrongWe are only talking about a week here, and if it doesnt work, I will plead with you for the old Madame to go to the hospital for an operation.

Its only seven days.

Thats not too much of a delay, is it”

“No, no, thats not too much of a delay…”

Young Marshal Mu had spoken and had also used the word “plead”, so how could they say anything else

They could only pray that the old Madames illness wouldnt take any severe turns.

As long as nothing out of the ordinary happened, seven days would be enough for them to make all their necessary preparations.

Since Young Marshal Mu had rarely stood up for her, old Madame nodded at him gratefully.

“Thank you, Young Marshal Mu.”

“Old Madame is too courteous.

You really must cooperate with this girl, otherwise I really will have to forcibly admit you to the hospital.”

The old Madame smiled kindly and gazed at Yun Xi with faith in her eyes.

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