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Zhao Yumo took Yun Xi around the villa.

They then decided to make their way back to their suite after getting to know their way around the place and seeing the hall where the ball would be held.

As soon as they walked out of the hall, they saw Jiang Henglin and Jiang Qilin walking over with the villas staff.

Jiang Henglin was one of the judges for the socialite ball this year.

Although he looked like he was just tagging along with Jiang Qilin, everyone knew he was there to learn the ropes.

After all, he would have to take over the Jiang family since Jiang Qilin had become disabled.

Jiang Qilin was actually quite even-tempered.

He didnt seem bothered about the obvious fight for power, as he had brought Jiang Henglin here to learn and make friends.

Yun Xi didnt want to run into Jiang Henglin at all.

But before she could get away, Jiang Henglin saw her and shouted her name from afar.

So, she couldnt pretend to have not heard him calling her.

Jiang Henglins mood changed a little when he saw Yun Xi, because he didnt know how to face her

The Old Commander of the Mu family had personally come to aid her in calling off her wedding engagement with the Jiang family.

However, Jiang Henglin wasnt the only one who had been embarrassed, as it had been an embarrassment for the entire Jiang family.

The wedding engagement had been all just his grandfathers wishful thinking.

So, not only had it been really awkward for their family, but they also hadnt manage to keep Yun Xi with them.

Jiang Henglin couldnt understand what was so good about this little girl that could make Grandfather Mu come forward in person to speak for her.

This little girl should feel highly honored for that.

Recently, Jiang Henglin had also found out about something unexpected.

He had heard that the Young Commander had spent a lot of money acquiring the Han Corporations shares and had made Yun Xi a big shareholder.

However, she had done nothing to save the Han Corporation.

Instead, this little girl had gotten the Han family kicked out of the big four wealthiest families.

He really had no idea if she was being stupid or just scheming.

There wasnt a lot of talk about Yun Xi in Jingdu, so the Young Commander must have suppressed most of the rumors.

However, since Yun Xi had even managed to get the Young Commander wrapped around her finger, Jiang Henglin was rather impressed.

But he still really didnt like her.

His grandfather had even considered that she would be attending the socialite ball, so he had let her decide when to announce the cancellation of the engagement.

As for Jiang Henglin, he was treated like a complete outsider in this matter.

The more Jiang Henglin thought about the engagement, the more he felt as if he had been on the losing end.

And, as the Second Young Master of the Jiang family, why did he have to tolerate this humiliation

“Why are you avoiding me Is it because you know that youve done something wrong”

As soon as Yun Xi walked closer, Jiang Henglin started to scold her as if it was his right to do so.

His tone implied that she was still the child bride engaged to him.

Since he was unhappy, he could vent his anger on her however he wanted.

Yun Xi stopped in her tracks.

She smiled innocently and looked at Jiang Henglin with a pair of stern and arrogant-looking eyes.

“Since when did I do something wrong Even if I did, may I know who are you to be reprimanding me”

“You…” Jiang Henglin choked on his own words and stared at Yun Xi with a dark expression on his face.

“Dont forget that I am one of the judges for the socialite ball.

If you offend me, do you think I will show you any mercy”

“Oh, dear, Im so scared!” Yun Xi couldnt help but chuckle.

“Jiang Henglin, are you threatening me to make yourself feel better I definitely have not offended you in any way.

You hated me, so I called off our engagement.

Since you hate me, I will stay far away from you.

But why are you always trying to attract my attention Dont tell me that you like me now”

“I like you Stop flattering yourself! I dont care if you just wanted to call off the wedding engagement, but you actually got someone to help you.

Do you know how embarrassing that was for the Jiang family”

Yun Xi felt really wronged in this matter, as they were the ones who had been dictating her life right from the beginning.

“Grandpa Jiang had already agreed to call off the engagement.

You were the one who refused to accept the decision, so how is it my fault now We were neither married nor were we ever in a relationship, so why are you acting as if I betrayed you”

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