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Yun Xi understood what Jiang Qilin meant and nodded in agreement.

“Just as I would have expected…”

“What” With a curious look on his face, Jiang Qilin looked at this thoughtful young girl in front of him.

He had always had an illusion that this girl standing in front of him wasnt really 18.

But, instead, she was a master who knew everyones deep and unpredictable hearts.

“Sly and wily like a fox!” Yun Xi thought for a long while before coming up with a suitable description.

“Im afraid Jiang Henglin still has a long way to go if he wants to compete with you.”

“If he had you by his side, I might not stand a chance.

Its a pity he lost that opportunity.”

If Yun Xi had married Jiang Henglin according to their grandfathers plans, no one would have been able to guard against her.

Maybe not even Jiang Qilin would have been able to beat her in the fight to take over the head position in the family.

Jiang Henglin wasnt smart enough to see how capable or how brilliant Yun Xi was.

And once hed lost the opportunity to have her, he probably would never be able to get close to her again.

It was already too late when he realized he should fight for her, as she had gotten together with the Young Commander.

So he would never get the chance again.

Yun Xi smiled but did not answer.

“It hasnt been very peaceful in Jingdu lately.

Please take care of yourself, especially since the Young Commander isnt with you now.

Although you came with the Jiang family, you must remember that they are also one of the renowned families in Jingdu.

So, you can still get targeted very easily.

It is not easy to be in upper-class society, so you must be prepared.”

Yun Xi nodded.

She had been relatively relaxed initially, but her expression now became more serious.

“Since I cant keep a low profile, then I will let everyone know who I am so that no one will dare to provoke me.

They are both on extreme ends of the spectrum, be it keeping a low profile or a high profile.

And I know that there will be consequences whatever choice I make.”

It was like how the weak get bullied, while people fear the strong.

“I wont say anything more since you are clear about what you want.

I rejected the offer to be on the judging panel.

So, if you are aiming to be the first-class socialite, you will have to take more care in the final selection round tomorrow.

Rather than using my connections, it would be more convincing if you could win over that rascal with your own abilities.

It would also solve some disputes completely.

You also need to look out for Qi Siyu, as she isnt a simple person to deal with either.”

“I understand.

Thank you.”

A black off-road vehicle pulled up at high speed outside Mu Mansion, kicking up a flurry of snow before stopping at the gate.

A man got out of the drivers side of the vehicle.

He was dressed in a dark green camouflage uniform, black military boots, with a black beret on his head.

The man didnt have much warm clothing on, even though the weather was freezing.

He moved forward quickly and swiftly pressed his fingers against the door sensor to unlock it.

Mu Feichi was feeding Great White in the yard when he heard a car driving in.

He looked up and glanced at the man walking toward him before turning back to throw a piece of mutton toward his pet.

Great White looked at the piece of meat on the snowy ground, then at the man who had just walked in through the gate.

Great White ended up choosing the man and ran over to him.

The man looked at Great White as he ran over to him.

Then he laughed as he hugged the animal and picked him up and threw him over his shoulders before walking toward Mu Feichi.

Great White rubbed against the man.

He then jumped back down to the ground happily and ran back to eat his meal.

“Young Commander!” The smile instantly disappeared from the mans stern-looking face as he stood up straight to salute Mu Feichi.

The handsome, chiseled face showed a soldiers air of arrogance.

Mu Feichi casually took off his gloves and asked, “So how is it going Have you arranged everything”

“Yes, sir!” The man nodded.

“I have arranged for a bait and trap, all according to your instructions.”

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