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It was not time for the socialite ball to begin yet.

The guests who had arrived at the hillside villa were all seated.

The reporters and media who had been allowed to enter the venue were already waiting, adjusting their cameras and eager to capture the event.

Zhao Yumos parents had also made time to rush over.

All the socialites and young ladies of distinguished families entered the venue with their parents.

Liang Xinyi stared at the entry of the Han family.

No matter how unwilling Han Yaotian had been, he had had to let let her hold his arm and take advantage of the Han family.

Han Qin had a fever and had caught a cold after soaking in the pool in Tingmei.

In order not to embarrass herself in front of everyone, she had had to give up the final selection.

Who knew how she was cursing Yun Xi in her heart right now!

When Su Ximan entered the venue with Su Donglin, the siblings shone in the limelight.

The media was focused on them.

Soon, the Chen family and the Jiang family arrived.

Jiang Qilins appearance also attracted many peoples attention.

After all, this was the powerful young master of the Jiang family.

Even though his legs were crippled, many people still recalled his days in power.

However, when they saw the second young master of the Jiang family, they looked at Jiang Qilin with pity and sympathy.

Qiao Ximin entered the venue with her father, arm in arm.

As a newly promoted member of one of the big four wealthiest families, Qiao Ximin was naturally the center of attention.

From the red carpet to her seat below the stage, there were all sorts of photos and compliments, making Qiao Ximin feel as if she was already the top socialite and could be as proud as she wanted.

The Huo family did not have any socialites attending this year, so Huo Tingxiao and Gu Baifan came at the same time.

Their arrival immediately attracted the attention of the Qiao family.

Qiao Ximin was gloating as she struck various poses in front of the medias cameras.

When she saw that the reporters had started to completely ignore them, the father-and-daughter pair stood frozen on the red carpet as if they had been splashed with a bucket of cold water.

What surprised her even more was that Huo Tingxiao and Gu Baifan were followed by none other than the person in charge of the Jiang family and Yun Xi.

In an instant, the media turned their cameras to the group of people who had received the most attention.

The representatives of the three noble families were all here.

Yun Xi was attending with the person in charge of the Jiang family, and all the media had their eyes on them.

They had stolen the limelight.

Standing on the red carpet, Qiao Ximin looked at Yun Xi, who had stolen her limelight, and her face twisted in anger.

On the red carpet, Yun Xis Chinese-style gown attracted everyones attention.

The unique design of the Chinese and Western crossover style was especially eye-catching among all the socialites who were dressed in revealing gowns.

White European lace embroidery covered her shoulders.

The slit that opened in the middle was at a V-shaped angle.

The complicated embroidery pattern complemented the white skin on her chest, and her slender waist was embroidered with flowers and patterns.

The dark blue colored threads were noble and exquisite like an ancient queens court attire.

The majestic style combined with the Western style of the white European lace embroidery, and its visual impact instantly made her look gentle and beautiful.

A golden tassel swayed behind her head.

As she walked, the swaying tassel accentuated her exquisite and classic face, making her look graceful and noble.

Her slender and elegant figure paused on the red carpet, as if she was the queen of a nation who had just arrived leisurely from the royal carriage.

She was clearly just standing there quietly smiling at everyone, calmly accepting the medias adoration as they fawned over her with their cameras, but her figure and elegant demeanor gave people the illusion that the queen of a nation had descended upon the world.

The red carpet was very long, and the guests on both sides tactfully moved back to make way for them.

The whole corridor looked empty, making the two who were already walking on the red carpet stand out.

The woman who walked calmly before the crowd was undoubtedly the belle of the ball.

She instantly commanded everyones attention.

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