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The leader of the Jiang family led Yun Xi onto the stage.

She was in the limelight, and she claimed her title as the top socialite naturally, without any surprise.

Suddenly, this unheard-of girl had appeared before everyones eyes.

Their curiosity and surprise could be ascertained from the whispers of the crowd.

Jiang Henglin looked at Yun Xi, who was sitting diagonally to his right.

The stunning scene shed made on the red carpet made him feel as if he was in a dream.

The moment his eyes had landed on her, he could not look away.

She looked elegant, dignified, and noble.

The judging criteria for the top socialite were all evident in her, and she passed with flying colors.

He had hated this girl ever since he was young.

As a child, he had been made fun of many times because of their arranged marriage.

In the end, when hed finally seen her with his own eyes, his only thought was that she was an arrogant country bumpkin who bullied others with her power.

When their two families had discussed canceling the engagement, the more hed thought about it, the more indignant hed felt, and the more hed disliked her smugness and arrogance.

But now, when he saw her standing on the red carpet with that dignified and elegant socialite aura and pride, he realized that this was the real Yun Xi, the one who was completely different from all of those run-of-the-mill socialites.

He had never expected to see such a stunning side of her.

For a moment, he regretted canceling their engagement.

The engagement had already been canceled.

Could he pester her to continue their engagement, or was it too late

Even though he hadnt liked this girl, this unique side of Yun Xi that he now saw made him feel as if he had discovered a new continent.

He suddenly didnt want to let go of her.

Jiang Qilin tilted his head slightly and looked at Jiang Henglins stunned expression.

He chuckled softly as he said, “If you hadnt created such a fuss back then, the person who would be walking the red carpet with her now would be you.

Unfortunately, you threw away your chance.

Its useless to blame anyone now.”

“Whats the point of making sarcastic remarks now Are you trying to make me angry”

Jiang Henglin already felt a grudge in his heart, so when he heard Jiang Qilin ridiculing him, he immediately vented his anger on him.

Jiang Qilin smiled and turned his head away.

He couldnt be bothered to say anything else.

No matter how much he gloated over Jiang Henglins misfortune, this marriage couldnt be changed in the end.

This was because Jiang Henglins opponent wasnt just anyone, but the bloodthirsty Young Commander of Jun Country.

No matter what kind of status or ability he had, there was no way he could beat this man.

The judging began, and every distinguished familys daughter went up to the stage according to the number plate in her hand.

They would then pick the questions from the 15 judges and choose two questions to answer.

The judges then judged them according to their answers.

The judges had an additional five points they could award, in addition to the 20 points for the two questions.

The top socialite with the highest score would be selected from the scores of the two questions and the total scores given by all the guests present.

The number plate was arranged according to the scores from the previous round.

Yun Xis score was behind Liang Xinyis, and Qiao Ximin had the highest score, so she was naturally the first to go on stage.

It was supposed to be the easiest way for Qiao Ximin to become the center of attention of the guests and judges, and for all the socialites who came behind her to seem like wallflowers in her presence.

However, because Yun Xi had been the center of attention on the red carpet earlier, all the attention had been stolen away from Qiao Ximin.

The guests and the media did not seem to have recovered from their amazement.

Facing the first socialite who graced the scene, no one seemed to be looking forward to seeing her.

Instead, they all felt a sense of urgency, hoping that she could quickly finish the questions so that Yun Xi, who was now the center of attention, could go on stage.

They had already seen her beauty and aura, and now they wanted to see her talent even more.

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