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The selection had already begun.

Yun Xi sat in her seat and looked expressionlessly at Qiao Ximin, who was the first to appear on the stage.

She was wearing a sapphire blue gown with a tube-top-style neckline.

It also had a high slit in the skirt.

Whether in her previous life or in this life, Qiao Ximins schemes could not be underestimated.

However, this time, she seemed to have been trying too hard.

Many of the guests present were family elders, and probably not many of them wanted to see a “child” dressed like this.

Sexy did not seem to be a criteria that they wanted to use to measure socialites.

As expected, as soon as Qiao Ximin went on stage and the piano piece that she had chosen for herself flowed out from backstage, the guests started discussing her appearance among themselves.

Most of their attention was not on Qiao Ximins answers to the questions.

Facing this situation, Qiao Ximin was stunned for a moment, but she quickly recovered and chose two questions, one from Qi Siyu and the other from the principal of Jingdu University.

Qiao Ximin answered the two questions succinctly enough, but her answers were not very impressive.

The guests below the stage pressed the numbers in their hands and conducted anonymous evaluations.

When the final score was displayed on the big screen, Qiao Ximin was initially very confident.

After all, the judges had given her quite a high score.

Coupled with the guests scores, her score should be much higher than she had expected.

With the Qiao familys newly promoted status of becoming one of the big four wealthiest families, she was confident that she would definitely have an advantage in points.

However, once the score came out, it was only slightly higher than the average score that shed had in mind.

This score made her pursuit of the title become fairly dangerous.

If there was someone whod scored better than she had, their score would definitely surpass hers.

Then there were the judges scores.

There were 200 guests in the hall, and Qiao Ximin scored 160 points.

One-fifth of the guests did not give her any score.

Obviously, Qiao Ximins performance had not been outstanding.

Qi Siyu also did not want to give her too high a score or bonus points.

If she gave her too high a score, the guests and other judges would question her vision and purpose as the top socialite.

This time, the 15 judges scores were calculated to be 250 points.

Together with the guest scores, she only scored 410 points.

She hadnt passed the 470 mark that Qiao Ximin had expected.

After seeing the score, Qiao Ximin felt a terrible sense of loss.

She subconsciously glanced at Qi Siyu before leaving the stage with a stiff smile.

It was unknown what the other socialites behind her were thinking, but many of them had chosen Qi Siyu, the top socialite, for the questions.

The ten questions that Qi Siyu had brought had all been selected, and the socialites who went up on stage now could only choose the other judges questions.

Yun Xi could not help but look toward the anxious and uneasy Liang Xinyi on her left.

The questions in Qi Siyus hands had all been chosen.

When it was Liang Xinyis turn, even if shed cheated in advance, it would probably have turned out to have been useless.

After all, the questions shed wanted to answer had already been answered by the people who had gone before her.

Choosing another judges question, if she was unlucky and bumped into a question she didnt know how to answer, it would be really embarrassing…

The venue was filled with warm air as the socialites went on stage one by one.

Yun Xis spot was at the back, and she felt that someone was staring at her while she was waiting in boredom to go on.

When she turned around, she met Qi Yichens deep gaze.

Mu Feichi had reminded her that this man was not simple.

Why was he staring at her like that Did he think she was Qi Siyus rival

No matter what, she would not provoke the Qi family if she could help it.

Unless necessary, she did not want to go against the Prime Minister.

It was not a good thing to have too many enemies.

Fighting Crocodile was tiring enough.

In the future, she would have to fight the Prime Minister alongside Mu Feichi.

Just thinking about it made her tired.

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