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Chapter 140: I Live for Myself!

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After completing her prescribing requirements and giving the old Madame a quick massage, Yun Xi went downstairs.

Chen Yichen got her a glass of water and asked, “How is Grandma”

“She didnt sleep well last night.

After I massaged her feet, she said she felt warm and fell asleep soon after.”

Jiang Wanyun had been by her side throughout the entire night and in the morning.

Seeing her finally fall asleep, she was relieved.

Taking the glass of water, Yun Xi inadvertently caught a glimpse of Young Marshal Mu staring straight at her from the sofa.

She couldnt help but tremble a little from his piercing gaze.

As if remembering the awkwardness of the situation, she stopped drinking her water and put down the glass of water to check the time.

“Eldest son, Madame, its suddenly occurred to me that there is still something else for me to do.

I must leave now, but I will come back tomorrow.”

“You can leave after you have lunch with us here.” Jiang Wanyun invited her to stay.

“No, thanks.

After the old Madame wakes up, have the housekeeper boil the medicine and tell the old Madame to drink it while it is hot.

Now that the weather is getting cold, the old ladys diet should be lighter.”

“Okay, I will instruct the kitchen staff.

Chen Chen, you take Yun Xi back home.”


As soon as Chen Yichen answered his mother, Mu Feichi got up from the sofa and glanced at Yun Xi.

“Dont worry, I was just about to head back too, so Ill take her back on the way.”


Chen Yichen was a little caught off guard as he awkwardly looked at the figure leaving.

He only then realized that he had neglected this important guest.

“Young Master Mu, Im so sorry for neglecting you.

Ive been so worried about Grandma.”

“No need to be so courteous.”

“Madame, then Ill be leaving.

See you tomorrow!”

“Okay, be careful! Chen Chen will pick you up from school tomorrow.”

After getting in the car, Yun Xi turned to look at Young Marshal Mu, who was brooding beside her, and asked solemnly, “Young Marshal Mu, should we go back now or go up the mountain”

Mu Feichi tilted his head slightly and fixed his eyes on her face.

Her youthful face made her appear pure and innocent, and her delicate features made her appear as if she hadnt been tainted by the world.

Her mannerisms when she treated the old Madame just now had been calm, composed, and self-assured.

She seemed like a confident doctor.

Even when being doubted by all those reputable doctors, she never showed the slightest hint of displeasure on her face.

At that moment, he suddenly felt as if there were thousands of rays of dazzling light falling upon her.

Only when hed seen Chen Yichen handing her a glass of water so nonchalantly did he suddenly feel as if something he was so fond of was being snatched away from him.

People that he, Mu Feichi, were fond of could only belong to him in this life!

It seemed that it was time for him to remind her to keep her distance from Chen Yichen.

“Why do you want to learn from Li Zilan so much Those sort of things arent what girls should learn.”

He wanted her to become stronger, because he also wanted her to be qualified to stand by his side.

But him wanting it was different from her wanting it, and he could tell that she genuinely wanted to become stronger as well.

Yun Xi was caught off guard and couldnt understand why hed suddenly asked her this.

“Young Marshal Mu, are you regretting it”

“I dont go back on my promises.”

“Thats good then!” Yun Xi was relieved when she heard his answer.

“Young Marshal Mu, you said that only by becoming as strong as you will I no longer have the need to deign to others.

Only when I am strong enough can I be fearless.

Im not some delicate flower, so I dont need to depend on others to survive.

I am I, I live for myself!”

Mu Feichi turned halfway toward her, then raised his hand and rubbed her head.

Her stubborn face was full of ambition, and he saw her as the best gift time had ever given him.

“Big talk is useless.

You must let your achievements speak for you!”

The lights and shadows outside the car window shone across his stern profile and made his face appear more angular by accentuating its contours.

He arrogantly leaned back with his slender hands on his knees.

Obviously he was teasing her for overestimating her abilities.

“Young Master Mu will just have to wait and see.”

Mu Feichi chuckled lightly and patted her pinkish cheeks.

“I will be waiting.”

Qi Yuan glanced at the two people sitting on the backseat in the rear view mirror and couldnt help but marvel at how similar they were.

Both were born strong-willed, and they were so evenly matched.

He was really looking forward to following their story.

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