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Soon, it was Liang Xinyis turn.

Yun Xi smiled faintly as she watched her go on stage.

She had chosen the famous piano piece, Canon in D Major, to play in the background.

It was quite a good choice.

Whether she had chosen it or not was another matter.

She knew very well what Liang Xinyis standards were like.

Since Qi Siyu had helped her once, it was equivalent to being dragged into the water.

It was impossible for her to climb out now without getting implicated.

Qi Siyu had no more questions as theyd all been selected.

Liang Xinyi was so nervous because now she could only choose questions from the other judges.

After a long wait, she finally chose the principal of Jingdu University.

Shed originally thought that as his student, it wouldnt be so hard, but the first question that she picked out was completely incomprehensible to her.

The principals voice came from the microphone.

“What was the novelGone with the Wind about Please describe it in English.”

“…” Liang Xinyi was stunned.

She had never read this book, and she had no idea about how to describe it.

Most of the socialites present had read this novel.

Even if they had read the translated version, they would have known what this novel was about.

Liang Xinyi stood there nervously and awkwardly.

Her mind was blank, and she did not know what to say.

The guests below the stage waited for a long time, but she did not reply.

The principal of Jingdu University adjusted his glasses and asked, “Have you not read it before”

“Yes…” Liang Xinyi gritted her teeth for a long time before she finally managed to say one word.

“If you havent read it, why dont you just say so Is there a need to hesitate so long Honesty is a mandatory lesson.”

“Principal, I…” When Liang Xinyi heard this, she knew that she had no chance of answering this question.

She looked up nervously at the principal, who had raised his hand to stop her from continuing.

Unwilling to be sentenced to death, she pleaded anxiously, “Can I change the question”

As soon as Liang Xinyi said this, Qi Siyu frowned.

What a waste of effort.

She was simply disappointing.

The guests started to discuss what was going on among themselves.

No one here had the right to change a question, but here she was asking to do it in front of so many people.

Who did she think she was

Without talent or self-restraint, standing on the stage of the top socialite competition was equivalent to embarrassing herself.

Liang Xinyi looked at all the guests below the stage discussing her and was so embarrassed that she did not know what to do.

She gritted her teeth and glared at Qi Siyu, hoping that she would open her mouth to save her.

However, Qi Siyu did not even look at her.

As if she did not see her pleading eyes, she lowered her head and flipped through the memory card in her hand.

Jiang Chenghuan couldnt help but laugh.

“Who let people with such standards in Since you dont know this one, then pick the next question.

Dont waste other peoples time.”

Liang Xinyi stood on stage, watching the various looks of disdain from the audience.

She was already in a complete mess.

She gripped the microphone tightly in her hand, and, after a long time, she looked at Chen Yichen and chose the question in his hand.

She had carefully observed the questions that the socialites had chosen earlier.

It had seemed as if Chen Yichens questions had been simpler, and Chen Yichen had given her a high score.

She could only take a gamble now.

Even though she knew that there was no hope for her to be the top socialite, she still wanted to attend tonights final banquet with pride.

That would be the opportunity to accumulate connections.

Chen Yichen still had three questions in his hands, and he was very calm.

He offered the three questions for her to choose.

Liang Xinyis eyes lit up.

She thought that she would not be picked on this time, but, in the eyes of others, it had been a great humiliation.

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