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Yun Xi was amused by Chen Yichens secretive evil actions.

The people below the stage probably understood Chen Yichens elegant action of slapping Liang Xinyi in the face.

Only Liang Xinyi was still happy that she had chosen a question from the gentle and elegant Eldest Heir.

She was so happy that her eyes got wide as she looked at the questions.

But when shed finished reading them, she was dumbfounded.

Sure enough, they did not require her to speak English, but she did not know the answers to any of his questions.

One of them was a medical question that she could not even understand.

“I…” Looking at the three questions, Liang Xinyi was so embarrassed that she wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it.

She could not squeeze out a word for a long time.

She could answer none of these questions.

They were questions that required thinking and elaboration and were not multiple-choice questions that she could gloss over easily.

This time, the guests below the stage all reacted.

The person standing on stage was simply a sham.

Jiang Chenghuan was getting impatient.

He pointed at Liang Xinyi on the stage and questioned the person in charge.

“She cant even answer such a simple question.

How did you let her in during the first round of screening”

The organizer hurriedly pushed the emcee, and the emcee hurriedly went on stage to apologize.

Her eyes were stern as she demanded that Liang Xinyi get quickly off the stage.

The host announced the next socialites number.

Liang Xinyis face was bright red from embarrassment, and she felt totally awkward.

She lowered her head and got off the stage.

Even if she could attend the ball tonight, no one would want to befriend her after she had embarrassed herself in front of so many people.

Liang Xinyi walked away from the stage and passed by Yun Xis seat, turning to look at her.

The contented look on Yun Xis face seemed to say that she was happy to have seen her make a fool of herself.

Liang Xinyi felt unable to tolerate this.

Now that she had been kicked out, Yun Xi must be feeling very smug.

She wanted to see how long she would remain smug after Miss Qi got through with her.

Yun Xi met Liang Xinyis resentful gaze and smiled faintly, not caring about what she thought at all.

When it was finally Yun Xis turn to go on stage, she stood up from her seat.

The classical music started to play, and the grand, slow-paced music seemed to perfectly complement the elegant style of her outfit.

She picked up her embroidered train and walked up to the stage slowly, step by step.

On the stairs, she tilted her head slightly to look at the crowd of guests on both sides, as well as those who supported her or hated her.

She smiled sweetly and slowly walked to the center of the stage.

She had never imagined that her appearance would attract so much attention.

Many people from the group of guests started cheering in amazement.

All the medias cameras were aimed at this figure on the stage.

The moment Yun Xi appeared, her aura felt different from the other socialites.

She had subdued the many guests present.

Standing on the stage, Yun Xi politely greeted the judges and guests.

The expression on her pretty face was not as bright and beautiful as it had been before.

Instead, there was an innate pride in her simple elegance.

Her dignified and imposing gown gave her confidence.

According to the rules, she could not choose from Jiang Chenghuans questions to avoid cheating.

Yun Xis target was quite sharp.

She was the first to choose to answer a question from the only female judge out of the 15 judges.

Almost everyone in the socialite circle knew this female judge.

She was an honorary professor at Jingdu University and was also a consultant for ancient and modern etiquette in Jingdu.

Many historical dramas and stage dramas had invited her to be their etiquette consultant.

No one would have more say than her about the etiquette of Jingdus socialites.

Almost none of the socialites before Yun Xi had dared to choose to answer questions from her.

They were afraid that if they chose her questions, they would step into a trap and dig a hole for themselves, so they automatically skipped her and chose another judge.

Yun Xi had chosen Professor Xu immediately, causing quite a bit of discussion and exclamations from the guests.

Many socialites looked at her with disdain as if they were waiting for her to make a fool of herself.

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