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The scores from the judges were quickly tabulated: the 200 of them had given Yun Xi 198 points: a score that had gone far beyond Yun Xis wildest expectations.

Once the count had been completed, it would be time to determine the winner of the socialite ball.

Her total score included 20 points from Huo Tingxiao and an additional five points from other elements.

Her final score settled at around 503 , which was 100 points higher than Qiao Ximins, who had stood in the number one position.

Her score had surpassed the number one socialite of the previous year as well.

Yun Xi smiled lightly as the final score was announced.

She took her bow to thank the guests and the judges for their verdict and support and stepped off the podium gracefully.

However, Qi Siyu frowned at the score that was displayed on the screen.

The two had shared the same scores in other aspects, but the girls score for this element had exceeded her previous record by 50 points.

Yun Xis score had broken all the previous records of the socialite ball.

Yun Xi had achieved the highest score ever given for the ball.

It was astounding.

Although Qi Siyu did not mind others surpassing herself, there was something about this girl who had surpassed her that exerted an unexplainable and suffocating intimidation and pressure.

She was furious.

Jiang Chenghuan looked at Qi Siyu and caught sight of her angry expression.

His mind churned and he suddenly recalled something important that he had to do.

He reached out and grabbed the microphone.

“Looks like we have the highest score that has ever been possible at the ball! Yun Xi has scored 50 points higher than our previous number one! Congratulations, Yun Xi!”

Jiang Chenghuan announced it as if Yun Xi was a sibling of his, his voice was full of pride and honor.

The few who had been waiting behind Yun Xi felt discouraged to go up on stage and embarrass themselves in the face of Yun Xis high score, and they all decided to leave the queue of their own accord.

There was no on left who felt brave enough to challenge her score.

Jiang Chenghuan nodded toward the organizer of the event, and the host stepped on stage to announce the results of the competition.

There was no doubt about who would claim the title as the first-class socialite any more.

Qiao Ximins eyes were staring fiery daggers into the figure on stage.

Yun Xis figure stood high and mighty as she surveyed the audience below her.

Qiao Ximins fingernails dug into her bag, her red painted nails scratching into the material of the purse and her palms cramping from all the tension she was feeling.

The differences between women can be seen the best when they are competing with one another.

Liang Xinyi, for some crazy reason, had had the belief that she could tackle Yun Xi and beat her.

She had actually believed she would never lose to someone who had had a less privileged background than she had.

Without the title as the first-class socialite, she had lost her opportunity to get closer to the Young Commander.

And all she can do was feel jealousy and regret.

This was something beyond her power.

She could not accept this fate!

As the previous first-class socialite, Qi Siyu had to be the one to crown the next one.

She watched Yun Xis proud smile on stage and sighed softly before she picked herself up and headed for the stage with the ribbon in her hand.

Yun Xi casually observed Qi Siyus rather unpleasant expression.

Qi Siyu held a smile as she greeted her, but the smile was faint as she handed over the crown.

Yun Xi lowered her head and allowed Qi Siyu to place the customized crown on her head.

The live broadcast was shown in the prison as well.

Liang Xiuqin and Han Wanling watched the program from the wall of their cells.

The screen panel flashed the giant letters Yun Xi, and the camera panned to Yun Xis smiling face.

Liang Xiuqin had recognized Yun Xi during the question-and-answer segment.

But it was still hard for her to accept the reality.

The child she detested the most had attended the socialite ball and even attained the title of the first-class socialite of Jingdu.

Yun Xi was the first-class socialite of Jingdu, the girl she had believed to be a curse and a jinx had claimed the highest title for women in Jingdu while her biological mother was locked in prison.

The sheer amount of shock she felt had left Liang Xiuqin stunned, and it took a long while for her to recover.

Liang Xiuqin collapsed on the floor of the cell, and she was unsure if she should laugh or cry.

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