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What followed the competition was a lunch buffet that had been prepared by the Luyi Villa, and Yun Xi was the center of the crowds attention.

As the newly crowned number one first-class socialite, countless guests fought for a chance to interact with her.

Yun Xi felt as if she had used up all the energy in her body at the banquet lunch alone.

She had had to socialize with countless guests, and if it had not been for Jiang Chenghuans help in introducing and reminding her of who everyone was, it would have been an awkward meal for her.

The banquet finally came to an end, and Yun Xi could withdraw from the crowd and return to the Tingmei lounge for a rest.

However, on their way back, Jiang Chenghuan suddenly pulled Zhang Yumo away from Yun Xi.

Yun Xi stared at Zhao Yumo, who was being pulled away by Jiang Chenghuan, in puzzlement, “Where are you two going” she asked.

“There are some things I have to discuss with Yumo.

How about you head back to the lounge to rest for the time being The most tiring part of this whole day is the afterparty.

You should get some rest before that.”

As he spoke, Jiang Chenghuan gave Zhao Yumo a light nudge and Zhao Yumo played along with him by giving Yun Xi a reassuring smile, “You should head back and rest, my dear.” She gave Yun Xi a soft push as she spoke, “As Second Master Jiang says, you need to rest for all the socializing later.”

Zhang Yumo was grateful that she had not attained the title as the number one first-class socialite.

Judging from all the people who had come to talk to Yun Xi, she would have passed out from fatigue if she had been in that position.

The title came with a huge responsibility.

It was tiring to socialize with so many people and have to remain standing in the same spot in the same upright and polite posture.

This would have taken the life out of Zhang Yumo.

“All right, though the press is still around.

You two should be careful and avoid being caught up by them.”

‘You dont need to worry about that.

Second Master Jiangs bodyguards are pretty competent.”

With a wave, Zhang Yumo guided Yun Xi into the corridor.

She turned to the man beside her as Yun Xi disappeared down the hallway.

“Its so cold,” she commented as she tugged at her shawl.

“By the way, why wont you let me return with Yun Xi”

Jiang Chenghuan gave her a look and immediately removed his jacket and placed it on Zhang Yumos shoulders.

“The Young Commander is in her room.

If you want to be the third wheel of the century, I wont stop you.”

“Ah….” A lightbulb went off in her brain, and she held the jacket on her shoulders close as she surveyed the surroundings.

“Well, lets go.

Im freezing here.”

As Yun Xi stepped into the Tingmei lounge, she immediately spotted a pair of military boots that had been placed by the screen at the entrance.

The girl took a brief second to assess the situation and immediately removed her high heels and rushed into the room.

Only one thought ran through her mind: her Mu Feichi had returned!

However, she could not spot anyone in the living room or the dining room.

Her last resort was her bedroom.

Yun Xi sprinted there and was greeted by a moving figure the moment she opened the door.

Yun Xi recovered from her shock immediately, pulled the hem of her gown up for more mobility, and charged into the black figure that was in front of her.

But the other party moved quicker than she did.

Before she could land on him, the man had reached out and pulled Yun Xi toward him.

His hands immediately wrapped around Yun Xi and trapped her in his embrace.

In this restrained position, Yun Xi finally caught a good look at the man in front of her.

With one foot trapped, Yun Xi fought to be free.

With a quick assessment of the situation, she reached out and wrapped her arms around his neck, using her foot on the ground as an anchor and she lifted her other leg up and wrapped it around the toned waist of the man.

She had latched herself onto him instinctively.

Her sudden action had caught Mu Feichi off guard.

He had expected Yun Xi to strike by turning her body and using her other leg.

The abrupt action of passion from Yun Xi to pounce on him had left him shocked and pleasantly surprised.

With the girl clinging tightly onto him, Mu Feichi moved toward the door of the room.

He leaned the girl against the structure for support and planted a kiss on Yun Xis exposed neckline.

A sudden wave of warmth brushed through Yun Xis collarbone and send a shiver through her.

A low and raspy voice grumbled into her ear, one that spoke with a rather teasing tone, “You really dont hold back.”

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