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Flustered that Mu Feichi had stolen a kiss from her so easily, Yun Xis hands grabbed his ears and pulled his head close to her and gave the skin on his neck an unfriendly pinch with her teeth.

With a light triumphant laugh of revenge, Yun Xi whispered in response, “Am I really the one who is lacking restraint here”

“We are birds of a feather, arent we”

Mu Feichi carried her to her bedside and once she could feel the mattress below them, Yun Xi let go of her hands, but she did not retrieve her legs in time.

Mu Feichi had trapped her in the posture she was in with his muscular body firmly pressing her against the mattress.

Yun Xi stared at the face above her, and her hands fumbled to stop Mu Feichis features from coming into contact with hers.

“Wait, wait, not now, Young Commander.”

She may have already turned 18, and she was legally considered to be an adult, but she still needed the mental preparation for something like this, and this was not a good time for her.

Mu Feichi looked down at her squirming body with a half-smile.

His eyes seemed to be thinking about something before he moved his body upright again with a light chuckle.

He hadnt planned on doing anything, but Yun Xis flustered mannerisms had certainly brought some thoughts into his mind.

“What did you think I was going to do”

“It doesnt matter what you were going to do.

I havent eaten all day, and Im starving.

When did you get here, Young Commander Have you eaten”

It might have sounded like she wanted to change the subject, but this was the truth.

Yun Xi was starving.

She barely had had any time to eat during lunch due to the sheer amount of guests that had wanted to socialize with her.

The combined effect from the lack of food and the social fatigue had made her stomach grumble and her head spin.

Her fatigued and pitiful demeanor had also been witnessed by Mu Feichi.

He was aware that this was one of her ploys to get out of the situation, but he obliged either way.

With a soft sigh, he reached down and ruffled Yun Xis hair.

Mu Feichi moved away from her and pulled Yun Xi up.

“I havent eaten either.

I had a feeling you didnt have a good lunch, so I told the kitchen to prepare some food for us.”

As he finished speaking, Mu Feichi stretched his hand out for the landline located on the bedside table and dialed the front desk and asked for their food to be delivered to their lounge.

He eyed the gown Yun Xi had chosen for the banquet.

It was an elegant piece that was able to flaunt her appeal.

Her pale skin under the intricate organza lace was enough to leave anyone drooling.

Mu Feichi could imagine how the men at the banquet must have ogled at her.

Unclouding that thought from his mind with a light scoff, he tugged the layer of organza lace that had outlined the hem of her collar before standing up arrogantly.

“Go get changed, the food will be waiting outside.”

“Eh” Mu Feichis quick change in attitude had left Yun Xi confused.

She sat cross-legged on the bed as she looked up at the figure leaving the room.

“Young Commander,” Yun Xi asked audaciously, “do you not want me”

The man stopped dead in his tracks and jerked his head around.

Yun Xi remained on the bed, her face as innocent and pure as the white sheets.

Mu Feichi felt as if this was another tease from Yun Xi.

Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he turned to the girl on the bed and returned the question to her, “Do you want to give yourself to me”

Yun Xi tilted her head to think about it and answered Mu Feichi with a shake of her head.

“I mean, of course I would.

Who else am I going to give myself to But nows not the time, Im starving…”

“…” Mu Feichi remained silent, but a million thoughts swam around his head.

His body actively fought to suppress all of his passionate thoughts.

Yun Xi always knew what to say to evoke a reaction in him.

“Then get changed, what are you waiting for Do you want me to help you change”

Yun Xi did not seem to budge, so Mu Feichi decided to take matters into his own hands and approached her.

His advance spurred the previously unmoving girl into action so she jumped up and ran toward her closet to retrieve her loungewear.

Her frenzied response made Mu Feichi chuckle.

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and Mu Feichi finally stepped out of the room.

The bodyguards had pushed the trolley of food into the room.

Mu Feichi proceeded to put the different foods onto the dining table.

Just as he finished positioning the last plates, Yun Xi emerged from the bedroom in time for the food.

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