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Yun Xi sighed heavily and nodded.

This was not something she had not anticipated.

“And what an honor it is, to be the leverage against you.”

She had been afraid to become Mu Feichis burden due to her lack of power and strength, and it had been this fear that had become her obstacle in disclosing the nature of their relationship.

She was open to keeping their exchanges private as long as it gave Mu Feichi a form of protection.

Going public was the worst-case scenario for the two of them.

Everywhere they went and everyone they met afterward would be a potential threat, and the sheer amount of them would be overwhelming to handle.

Yet, she was certain Mu Feichi was aware of her fear and her current strength as well.

He would know better than anyone else about the threats that awaited in their paths.

The only way to protect Yun Xi would be the sole form of physical protection.

“Regardless of what I plan, you make the ultimate call.

As long as you are okay with it and stay by me, I care little about going public or not.”

From the moment she had fallen in love with Mu Feichi, her lifes course had been chartered for an extraordinary fate.

She was doomed to live apart from the normal peace and happiness enjoyed by others, despite all that Mu Feichi had to give.

Yun Xi bit on her chopsticks and stretched her free left hand toward Mu Feichi, her fingers closing around his strong right hand.

Her eyes were clear and still, yet within those pools of her pupils, there lurked a blossoming fondness.

The kind of fondness that can melt titanium into a puddle, but not to be mistaken as a fondness that was vulnerable.

It was one that would do the impossible to defend the ones she loved.

Mu Feichi was madly in love with this fondness in her eyes.

“Im okay as long as Ill be by your side.”

Her words were her way of approving his proposal.

Truth be told, Yun Xi had pondered often about the consequences that would come her way, and she had kept her concerns at the back of her mind as she strove to become stronger.

But the time ahead of them was going to be long and full of uncertainty.

Yun Xi might never know when she would become strong enough and when it would be safe for them to go public with their relationship.

This uncertainty somehow gave her a reckless confidence.

If not now, then when she thought.

She was unwilling to waste the time they had now to bet on an unknown future.

Whether she chose to live in fear or she chose to live in peace, she was the one who made the call and she would have no regrets.

And for Mu Feichi, who had always walked alone in life, he had finally found someone who was willing to fight alongside him and stay by him through the thick and thin.

“….So you are okay with this” Mu Feichi did not conceal the surprise in his voice.

It took him a while to internalize what Yun Xis actions had meant, and when he did he stood up immediately and embraced the girl who was sitting next to him, his face unable to hide the happiness in his heart.

Mu Feichi had lifted Yun Xi off the ground and left Yun Xi too stunned to speak, but as they stood in their embrace and with Yun XI against his chest, she could not help but pick up on his excited heartbeat and feel a little happiness herself.

Looking up, she smiled at the man who could not bear to let her go.

“You already planned so far in advance, it would be unfair for me to back out.

But, isnt this a bit too extravagant I just won the title and if you go public with our relationship, this is bait to invite public hatred.”

Yun Xi was already the target for many others to aim at.

First it had been Qiao Ximin and now it was Qi Siyu, and there were many more to come.

If these women were to work together, it would be hard for Yun Xi to deal with them all at once.

Mu Feichi laughed and planted a heavy kiss on Yun Xis lips.

“Its how it is when youre my woman!” His voice was teasing as he regarded Yun Xi fondly, “Who cares what the others think I definitely dont!”

If he couldnt guarantee a peaceful life, the least he could do was to give her the best there was in the world to compensate for that.

Yun Xi was speechless, but a slow warmth was spreading through her heart as her mind replayed the sweet words from Mu Feichi.

“Do whatever you please then!”

Yun Xi wrapped up their embrace with a pat on his shoulders as she returned to her chair.

The man beside her seemed too excited to eat anything else.

Mu Feichi had long abandoned his meal and was making several calls from the courtyard.

Yun Xi watched his excited demeanor as she continued her meal with her eyes full of love.

For some reason, Yun Xi was looking forward to her coming-of-age ceremony tonight.

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