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Yun Xi looked up at Mu Feichi and let out a soft chuckle.

The bright lights above her head and his handsome face were reflected in the depths of her sparkling eyes.

To each other, the person beside them seemed to show the same emotions as they were feeling inside.

No matter what awaited them ahead, they would be bold and invincible against all threats and foes.

With that attitude, what was there to fear

“Ive never been a deserter.

Running away from battle is not something I would ever do.”

“Very well!” Mu Feichi nodded, his thin lips curved into a smile and his dark eyes gleaming.

“Thats my woman.”

Fenghuang Niao had walked in front of them to find out which guests had arrived.

As soon as she turned back around, she saw the two lovebirds and gently advised them, “You two are the last to arrive, so youre going to have the attention of the entire audience.

That should be high profile enough.”

That was exactly what Mu Feichi had wanted.

Since they were going to go public, he wanted everyone to know about them.

As if a thought had just come to her mind, Fenghuang Niao turned to look at Yun Xi.

With a cheery smile on her face, she joked with her, “Dont worry about your dad breaking your legs.

Yun Yuanfeng has been sent away on a business trip abroad.

Even if he tries to hurry back after finding out that youve won the title of first-class socialite, he wont be able to make it back in time for tonights banquet.”

Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi.

With a lighthearted chuckle, she gave him a friendly reminder, “Uncle and Lord Yan are both inside.

You might have kept my father at bay, but Im afraid you will still have to be careful with the other two.”

“Dont you worry about a thing.” Mu Feichi grunted softly, then turned to Yun Xi, and patted the back of her hand that was holding onto his arm.

“Lets go! Tonight, Ill show you the dazzling life of the upper-class society in Jingdu.

With me by your side, you wont have to do a thing.

Just smile with ease, and leave the rest to me.”

“You make it sound so easy, but havent you always hated socializing yourself Are you sure you can handle the crowd out there”

“Apart from giving birth, is there anything I cant do”

The buzzing hall was filled with lively chatter and the clinking of glasses.

The retro-Chinese-themed banquet was grand and luxurious with palace lanterns hanging high on the ceiling, lighting up the entire hall.

The head of the organizing committee was informed by an usher about who was coming and immediately hurried toward the hall entrance.

Many people in the crowd noticed the nervous expression on the head of the organizing committee, and they could all guess who had arrived.

Someone in the crowd suddenly shouted, “The Young Commander is here!” Then, all the guests present turned to look at the two figures who had appeared at the door.

When it finally dawned on everyone who the person next to him was, hushed chattering erupted amid the crowd.

With one dressed in green and the other in white, the complementary colors walking on the red carpet instantly attracted everyones attention.

Among the crowd of gentlemen dressed in dark suits, there were many business elites, celebrities, noblemen, and wealthy heirs.

However, at this very moment, compared with Mu Feichis sharp and majestic dark green military uniform, the rest of them paled in color.

Even without looking at the epaulettes representing the insignias of rank and glory of the wearer, anyone who saw this unique military uniform could tell right away who this man was.

Whats more, when they finally recognized the female companion standing next to the Young Commander of Jun Country, the chattering in the background became louder and louder.

No one had expected that this years first-class socialite would appear next to the Young Commander.

Holding Mu Feichis hand and walking on the red carpet ever so nonchalantly, Yun Xi revealed the most elegant and befitting smile, while nodding to the guests who welcomed them.

Without the intimidation and arrogance she had had when she appeared at noon, she wore light makeup to complement her pastel pink Chinese gown, with a white jade-carved plum blossom hairpin on the back of her hair.

Her pinned-up hair revealed her slender and fair neck along with the seductively low-cut neckline, seeming retro yet sexy at the same time.

This young woman exuded a sense of austerity and independence amid her elegance and extravagance.

At that moment, she stood quietly beside the dauntless Young Commander.

With one steely and the other one delicate, they were polar opposites, who both perfectly complemented one another.

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