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Seeing Mu Feichi and Yun Xi show up together, Chen Yichen had a bad feeling in his gut.

Mu Feichi was clearly doing this to announce his relationship with Yun Xi to the world.

Once their relationship was made public, there would be threats from all sides.

Was the Young Commander even aware of how much trouble he was going to bring to this girl with this foolish move

Mu Feichis identity was different from that of ordinary people, and there was no way Chen Yichen was going to let the Young Commander hurt Yun Xi because of a whim.

The more he thought about it, the more worried he became.

As Chen Yichen was just about to cross the room to approach them, Jiang Chenghuan appeared out of nowhere and raised an arm to block his path.

Chen Yichen looked at the arm in front of him in confusion.

Before he could say anything, Jiang Chenghuan smiled at him.

“He knows the consequences of doing this better than you do.

You know he isnt someone who doesnt shoulder his responsibilities.”

“But…” He was unwilling…unwilling to watch the girl he loved walking beside another man.

Jiang Chenghuan knew what he wanted to say, but he just shook his head and firmly stopped him from going any further.

“If you know her, then you should know very well that no one can force that girl to do anything she doesnt want to do.

To stand beside him…that is her choice.

She chose to be there of her own volition.”

Chen Yichen clenched his hands tightly as he looked at the two figures on the red carpet who seemed nothing less than a match made in heaven.

He felt as though a heavy boulder was pressing against his chest.

It was bitter, suffocating, and agonizing!

But Jiang Chenghuan was right.

Who could possibly force her to do something she did not want to do

The thought that she had made this decision of her own free will made him feel so dejected and speechless.

Plus, he realized that there was nothing he could do about it.

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Their grand entrance made such a spectacle that it nearly blinded the nearly 300 guests present.

The soft scoffing and mocking caused by envy and hatred were all eventually drowned out by the intense surprise.

Quite a number of people turned unconsciously to look at Commander Mu who was seated by a window.

However, there was no trace of surprise or anger on his face.

On the contrary, he seemed rather calm and unperturbed, as if he approved of their behavior.

Was his reaction perhaps…a sign of the imminent arrival of something promising…

Being stared at by so many guests, Yan Shuo pursed his lips with unease.

Holding a glass of warm water in his hand, he turned his head away.

“Looks as if glad tidings are upon us.”

“Youre not the one getting married.

What are you so happy about” Mu Chongli snorted softly and turned away, avoiding the curious and inquiring eyes of the guests in the hall.

This kid of his certainly knew how to act recklessly.

Taking such irrevocable actions without even discussing anything with the family first.

“They are both my students and also my very last disciples.

As their instructor, how could I not be happy for them”

Yan Shuo smiled, showing a hint of softness in his usually cold and unfeeling chiseled face.

“Hes wise to act fast, leaving no chance for the sons of other families.

Look at how many people are staring at that girl.

They look like they are about to bury themselves in a corner and cry their eyes out.

The children have both grown up and are now acting responsibly.

Werent you rather impressed by this girl too So, quit worrying!”

“Im sure that he has the ability to protect this girl, and Im really not worried about it at all…”

Su Ximan and Su Donglin were quietly listening to Commander Mu and Yan Shuos conversation.

Hearing those words, the siblings exchanged a knowing glance.

Fortunately, they had not made an enemy of this girl in the past, or else it would be too late for them and theyd have to grovel for her mercy now.

Standing on the same side as this girl was equivalent to the Su family giving the Mu family support.

This way, they could continue to maintain a low profile while relishing the glory of being part of the big four wealthiest families.

Now, that was a truly wise move.

Since the noble host of the event, Mu Feichi, had arrived at last, no one dared to cause a scene.

However, having one surprise after another had certainly caught the group off guard.

Nobody dared to make assumptions or question the man directly.

They all waited with curious eyes for Qi Fengzhou, the host from the Qi family, to go out there and dig up the dirt.

After all, he was the actual host of todays banquet.

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