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Mustering all her strength, Qi Siyu finally suppressed the surging resentment she was feeling.

Gritting her teeth, she finally understood the effect that Mu Feichi had had on her.

He had the power to make a gracious first-class socialite turn into a jealous and vicious barbie airhead.

After Mu Feichi and Yun Xi had made their grand appearance, Qi Yichen glanced around the room indifferently, taking in the reactions of the many guests present, as if watching a play unfold.

Watching all the tremendous variations of expression was comparable to watching a theatrical performance.

The most exciting part of all was probably watching the expression on his sisters face.

No matter how sophisticated these socialites were, they inevitably lost all sense of their composure in that very instant when Mu Feichi had appeared with Yun Xi.

However, they could hardly be blamed for their reactions, since Young Commander Mu had always been notorious for his unreasonable behavior.

Pulling such a stunt at the socialite ball was certainly enough to make all the socialites and heiresses present lose their senses.

Aside from that, there was an even more unexpected turn of events.

This young girl, who had just become a woman today, looked exactly like a delicate flower, pure and endearing.

Many of the young masters of aristocratic families who were present seemed to have been eager to make a pass at her just this morning and had been waiting for their chance to court her tonight.

However, when they saw Mu Feichi showing up here with her, their hearts instantly withered.

The power in those three words, Young Commander Mu, was undeniably still as lethal as ever.

With a soft grunt, he turned to look at the delicate flower standing beside Mu Feichi, and a cold blaze gleamed in his menacing eyes.

The little girl had lost a touch of the superiority that had been exuding from her this morning, when she had been the belle of the ball surrounded by a harem of men.

Now, she seemed as pink and tender as a plum blossom blooming in the snow, invoking in others the desire to pluck her as if she were forbidden fruit and to keep her all to themselves.

A multifaceted young bud like her was truly intriguing and simply irresistible…

With Qi Siyu, who still seemed a little dazed, in tow, Qi Fengzhou marched forward.

This year, the Qi family was in charge of hosting the ball, since Qi Siyu had been the first-class socialite of the previous term, and the two of them were required to express their greetings.

Although it was their rightful duty, they had simply wanted to be deemed more qualified than others for a chance to get close to Mu Feichi.

However, Mu Feichi played his cards as he pleased and neglected all formalities.

He had shown up with the newly nominated first-class socialite, rendering their introduction pointless.

“Young Commander! Welcome!” Qi Fengzhou reached out to shake hands with Mu Feichi.

Mu Feichi greeted him back, shaking his hand with his leather-gloved hand, then nodded subtly.

Not bothering to even look at Qi Siyu, he said directly to the head of the organizing committee, “Since everyone is here, lets begin!”

“Sure!” Qi Fengzhou nodded and turned around.

He swiftly picked up the microphone and strode up to the stage.

Amid the crowd, Jing Yi had firmly held back Jiang Henglin, who had wanted to go forward and grab Yun Xi by her arm.

With the strength of a soldier, he was strong enough to stop Jiang Henglin from moving forward.

Jiang Qilin gave him a dirty look and told him to stop his willful and impulsive behavior.

“Theres no point in crying over spilled milk, is there Even if you went up to her now, what can you do to change anything Theres nothing you can do.

Forget about embarrassing yourself.

If you offend the Young Commander, youll end up implicating the entire Jiang family.

Is that what you want to see”

He had not agreed to cancel the engagement, yet this wretched girl had gone ahead and made such a grand appearance with the Young Commander.

She was clearly stepping on the Jiang familys pride and his.

With that thought in mind, Jiang Henglin felt as though the girl had cheated on him in front of everyone, and that really struck a nerve.

With one look, Jiang Qilin knew exactly what he was thinking and unkindly rubbed salt in his wound.

“The engagement has been canceled, and both our families have already talked it out.

It doesnt matter if you disagree.

If anyone asks about it later, Ill explain it to them clearly.

Rest assured, it wont affect our familys reputation.”

“I…” Jiang Henglin stared in dismay, but after seeing Jiang Qilins warning eyes, he reluctantly choked back the words he had wanted to say.

Jiang Henglin wondered to himself, So, if they told me to cancel, then I have to cancel, and if they say to get married, then I have to get married What did they make of him Was he just some pawn casually used by his seniors to form alliances Did he even have any human rights at all

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