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Standing there with Mu Feichi, Yun Xi glanced surreptitiously at the sour-faced Qi Siyu, who seemed to also be looking at her.

Qi Siyus elegant face looked so awkward as she tried to restrain herself that it looked somewhat twisted and disturbing.

This was the first time that Yun Xi had seen the glamorous and dignified Prime Ministers daughter lose her composure.

Although it only lasted for a brief moment, it had been more than enough to surprise her.

After all, controlling her emotions should come as naturally as breathing to a socialite like Qi Siyu.

If it had been her seeing the man she loved showing up with another woman, Yun Xi certainly would not have been able to control her emotions as well as these socialites were supposed to.

However, Yun Xi was still sensible enough not to do anything to provoke Qi Siyu.

Although it was inevitable that she would have to come face to face with her one day, she would never do something so foolish here.

Regardless of whether she had the right to show off, behaving in that manner would have simply been too childish.

Seeming to have noticed her nervousness, Mu Feichi turned to look at her and asked in a hushed tone, “Whats wrong”

“Nothing.” As Yun Xi turned, she unconsciously glanced toward Commander Mu, who was sitting in a corner, next to a bonsai by the farthest window.

As she looked over toward him, she swept her eyes across the crowd, taking a mental note of the guests present.

“It just suddenly occurred to me that since youve acted without Commander Mus consent, will he want to break your legs for this”

“What do you think” Mu Feichi laughed softly and his thin lips curled into a subtle smirk, his charming face unable to conceal the smugness he felt while taking pleasure and comfort in the fact that his lover was in his arms.

“I dont know, but if he really does try to hit you later, just hide behind me.

Let him beat me instead, then Im sure hell calm down immediately.”

“Okay!” Mu Feichi readily responded to her ridiculous idea with a serious look on his face as if he really thought that she meant it.

Qi Siyu, who had been eavesdropping on their conversation, turned and regarded the two people standing beside her with a look of utter disbelief.

The way that they seemed so in sync with one another, no outsider would ever be able to get between them.

Looking at them, they were practically displaying their love for all to see.

She unconsciously glanced over at Yun Xi.

If it had been up to her to answer his question, she would have only thought of explaining the situation to Commander Mu, instead of offering herself to be beaten as a way of mediating the issue.

There it was, as clear as day, the difference between her and this little girl…

All her methods were based on the nurtured behavior and wisdom of a sophisticated lady.

She did not operate by Yun Xis straightforward and carefree ways.

So, it seemed as though Mu Feichi was attracted to this kind of woman.

There had been a time when she was once as young and innocent as Yun Xi.

However, after becoming a first-class socialite, she had had to learn to restrain herself in everything she did.

Now that this girl had become a first-class socialite, and if she too became what Qi Siyu was now, would Mu Feichi still love her in the same way

Just as she was becoming truly lost in her train of thoughts, Qi Fengzhous voice suddenly rang out, “Fellow guests and dear friends, thank you for attending tonights socialite ball.

I am Qi Fengzhou, the host of this years ball..”

Listening to Qi Fengzhou speaking on the stage, droning on with pleasantries in his welcoming speech, everyone began to lose interest.

Then, all of sudden, at the mere mention of Mu Feichi, he had attracted everyones attention back on him again.

“We are not only gathered here today to celebrate our socialites, but it is also the coming-of-age ceremony of this years 18-year-old first-class socialite.

What a joy it is to have two happy events coming together.

Let us invite the Young Commander Mu, Mu Feichi, on stage.

I hear he has some good news to share with all of you.

Before the banquet begins, lets welcome Young Commander Mu to come on stage and share a few words.”

Mu Feichi making such a grand entrance with the first-class socialite in tow had been enough to spark everyones curiosity and leave the crowd asking a million questions.

And now, he wanted to share a piece of good news Was he perhaps about to confirm what was on everyones minds

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