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Ignoring the talking among the guests, Mu Feichi scanned the well-dressed crowd with a stern face.

He had many informants planted at the venue, so he knew what was going on.

He even knew who was the one responsible for spreading all the rumors.

“Back when the President established the socialite ball, he did it in order to expand his philanthropic activities and to set an example for the socialite circle.

A persons family background was never supposed to be the sole criteria for giving the first-class socialite title.

If everyone really wanted to pick someone based only on family background, why not choose the Mu family first”

Mu Feichi gave a faint smile.

With the shocked crowd looking at him, he slowly turned toward the slender figure standing below the stage with a serious and focused expression on his handsome face.

“I am Mu Feichi, an active soldier and the decision maker of the Mu family.

I have always admired the first-class socialite standing below the stage.

So, if she has the Mu family behind her, wouldnt she be good enough for the first-class socialite title”

Many socialites in the banquet hall almost screamed when they heard such a domineering and direct statement from Mu Feichi.

Qi Siyu clenched her fists when she looked toward the stage and saw that Mu Feichi was completely serious about what hed said.

If Yun Xi werent standing beside her, she would have thought he was directing his words at her.

That was Mu Feichi, the man who could make all the girls go crazy, regardless of what he did.

Mu Feichi was a straightforward man with no pretenses, and he would even boldly throw out his trump card to show his support for someone or something.

It was undoubtedly the dream of all women to be with a confident man like him.

Mu Feichi looked at all the guests standing below the stage as he made that statement.

Then his cold, stern gaze finally landed on Qi Siyu.

Although it looked as if his statement was for everyone in the audience, he was actually only focusing on Qi Siyu.

And Qi Siyu knew that he was questioning her and embarrassing her in front of the crowd.

Yun Xis family background wasnt strong enough for her to be a first-class socialite, yet her results were better than when Qi Siyu had won the title.

So if the other ladies had their doubts and were scornful of the results, it wasnt something Qi Siyu could control.

She didnt know why Mu Feichi was looking at her while speaking.

Qiao Ximin was the one who had been gossiping about Yun Xi.

But, judging by how he was looking at her, Qi Siyu felt as if he was blaming it all on her.

In front of everyone, Mu Feichi had used the Mu familys reputation to support Yun Xi.

What he had done was equivalent to telling everyone that he would be her backer, power source, confidant, and substitute family background.

Qi Siyu didnt know what all this had to do with her…

Qi Siyu looked straight back at his warning eyes fearlessly.

Even if she felt a little guilty, she still held her head high so she wouldnt lose face to Mu Feichis imposing presence.

The lively crowd immediately grew even more excited at Mu Feichis words.

Everyone knew what it meant for him to put the entire Mu family forward as the background of this girl.

The Mu family was a big household with many businesses.

They were also one of the three noble families in Jingdu.

With the Mu family behind her, no one would dare to provoke or offend this first-class socialite.

Also, it didnt feel as if Mu Feichi was just showing his support for the socialite.

Instead, it sounded like he was going to marry her on the spot.

Suddenly, someone from the crowd said something.

“Young Commander, isnt she the fiancee of Second Young Master Jiang”

People started gossiping again after hearing about Yun Xis relationship with Jiang Henglin.

Mu Feichi scowled and said, “I guess you havent heard the news yet.

The media should have already received the news that the marriage was called off.

Their grandfathers got together and decided to call off the arranged marriage.”

Several reporters who were present worked under the Mu Corporation.

So they immediately began to explain what had happened after hearing their boss.

“Yes, we heard about it this morning, and a detailed report will be published tomorrow.”

Jiang Henglins face darkened with anger…

Most of the guests knew that Yun Xi and Jiang Henglin had had no feelings for each other since this marriage had been arranged when they were still babies.

So no one bothered to think about how Jiang Henglin might feel when they found out that the engagement was called off.

Instead, they were more curious about how Young Commander Mu had managed to steal the girl away from him and the Jiang family.

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