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The crowd got very excited after hearing what Commander Mu said.

The father and son were singing the same tune in front of everyone at the ball.

So it seemed as if Young Commander Mus marriage had been decided just like that.

There was no doubt that this had become the biggest news in Jun Country.

Some people were still confused, and many were still discussing what they had just heard.

Those who had already figured out what was going on could only look at the godlike person, Mu Feichi, and weep to themselves.

As well as feeling sorry, they were also filled with jealousy for Yun Xi.

Yun Xi had become the woman everyone was envious of because she had gotten Mu Feichi to love her.

People were also jealous of her because the Mu family had accepted her.

And many hated her for conquering this heroic man with a godlike existence.

The name Mu Feichi doesnt only represent a hero.

It was also a sign of honor and status.

So marrying him would be like a dream come true, as any woman would be able to get everything a woman had ever wanted for their entire lifetime.

Standing below the stage, Yun Xi had her back facing the other guests.

She didnt have to look, because she could already sense the complicated emotions many were feeling about her.

Talking about being high-profile, probably no one could beat Mu Three-Years-Old in that category.

In one swift, clean move, Mu Feichi had shattered all the fantasies that the women of Jingdu had had about him and had also stopped any man from coveting Yun Xi at the same time.

His way of announcing their relationship was indeed new and unique.

Not only did his way save money and effort, but it had also riled up all sorts of emotions.

It was indeed a bold move.

To be Mu Feichis wife, it was only a matter of time until Yun Xi would have to face this scenario, so the timing didnt matter to her.

“Lastly, thank you for attending the ball today.

I would also like to thank everyone for attending Yun Xis coming-of-age ceremony.

I hope everyone will have a good time.”

Since he had already said his piece and done whatever he wanted, Mu Feichi didnt want to stay on the stage to steal Qi Fengzhous limelight.

So he gave a slight bow and walked off the stage.

At that moment, many had suddenly realized why the socialite ball had been postponed this year.

Young Commander Mu had made the socialite ball into this girls coming-of-age party!

It really looked like…the extravagant behavior of a self-indulgent ruler.

After Mu Feichi got off the stage, Qi Fengzhou could only continue to smile and host the ball.

Young Commander Mu obviously wasnt taking the organizers seriously when he decided to make such an announcement at the event.

However, it was not like Qi Fengzhou could stop him or do anything to him.

Qi Fengzhou could only feel bad for his niece, who had liked Mu Feichi for a long time.

Hed even been thinking that as the organizer of the socialite ball, he would be able to create opportunities for her to be with Mu Feichi.

But now, they had thrown themselves forward shamelessly to no avail.

After getting off the stage, Mu Feichi took his jacket from Yun Xi and hung it over his arm.

The music began playing when Qi Fengzhou called for the ball to start.

All the guests grabbed their wine glasses and prepared to walk around and socialize.

As the ball began, Qi Fengzhou came forward to congratulate Mu Feichi and Yun Xi with a glass of wine.

Mu Feichi took a glass of red wine and a glass of champagne from a waiter beside him.

He passed the champagne to Yun Xi.

“Congratulations to Miss Yun on becoming the first-class socialite.

Also, happy birthday to you!”

Qi Fengzhou was an experienced man who had seen many things and had been to numerous big events.

So he was still able to smile and entertain everyone as if nothing had happened even after such an awkward situation.

“Thank you, Chairman Qi!” Yun Xi elegantly clinked glasses with Qi Fengzhou and took a sip of the champagne.

As the head of the organizing committee, Qi Fengzhou usually would have had to take Yun Xi around to meet guests from around the world.

However, Mu Feichi was there beside Yun Xi and had just announced his relationship with her.

So it wouldnt be appropriate for Qi Fengzhou to insist on taking Yun Xi around.

After greeting Yun Xi and introducing a few of his close friends, he left to entertain the other guests.

On the other hand, Qi Siyu wasnt holding up as well as her uncle.

She stood on the side and looked coldly at the sweet couple.

Many heiresses were trying to get in her good books, so they had come forward to talk to her.

Qi Siyu had always been well-mannered, but she was just patronizing them now, as she wasnt in the mood to entertain them at all.

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