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Jiang Chenghuan and Zhao Yumo walked over to them.

Zhao Yumo grabbed Yun Xis arm and whispered, while holding back her laughter, “You two acted like a pair of lovebirds in front of everyone.

Qiao Ximin looked as if she was going to break the glass she was holding as she watched your performance.”

Yun Xi didnt even need to look at Qiao Ximin to know the expression on her face.

After all, Qiao Ximin hadnt only been robbed of the first-class socialite title.

She had also lost her dream man to Yun Xi.

Qiao Ximin probably wanted to rip Yun Xi into little pieces right at this moment.

Yun Xi nodded her head in agreement with Zhao Yumo.

She then smiled and looked at the man standing beside her, who didnt seem to care what anyone thought.

“I also think the Young Commander has made a really public and bold move.

People are going to hate me for that.”

Although Yun Xi had already known approximately what Mu Feichi was going to do, she had still been surprised.

A mature, rational man would never do things on impulse.

Mu Feichis declaration to the world about their relationship had given her a proper status.

He had also used his fathers words to provide her with the best support.

Instead of a public proposal or confession, what he had actually done made her feel completely at ease.

This man had promised to give her the best of everything, and hed really done it without holding back at all.

She now finally understood why Qi Siyu, the previous first-class socialite who had always acted well mannered, was at this time green with envy and glaring at her.

Being in a relationship with Mu Feichi was something that all the women coveted.

Jiang Chenghuan came over and clinked glasses with Yun Xi.

“Dont worry.

Even if he isnt reliable, you still have me, your brother.”

Jiang Chenghuan deliberately turned to look at Mu Feichi.

After getting Yun Xi as his sister, he had also learned how to compete for her attention and protect her.

Mu Feichi scoffed.

He obviously wasnt bothered about Jiang Chenghuans attempts to provoke him.

Mu Feichi glanced over at Fenghuang Niao, who was standing in the best spot for looking at everyone in the banquet hall.

Mu Feichi watched her as she signaled at the person-in-charge on the stage to play the music for the opening dance.

As the music started playing, all the guests moved away from the middle of the banquet hall.

Many socialites had been all fired up to join the socialite ball this year.

A lot of them had been aiming to win the first-class socialite title so that they could dance with the Young Commander.

However, no one had won the privilege, and the opportunity had reverted to Mu Feichis partner.

It was hard not to be jealous of Yun Xi when she had received all the honor and privileges.

Yun Xi had learned ballroom dancing specifically for these kind of social events in her previous life.

So this opening dance was not a difficult task for her.

But she had never seen Mu Feichi dance before, so she was curious and full of expectations.

Mu Feichi took a small step back.

He then elegantly bowed and stretched out his hand to invite her for the dance.

Yun Xi became slightly more relaxed after seeing the calm look on Mu Feichis handsome face.

Taking a deep breath, Yun Xi plucked up her courage and placed her hand on his palm.

She smiled brightly and held her head high as Mu Feichi led her onto the dance floor with a soft melody playing.

Even though he was on the dance floor dressed in a formal military uniform, Mu Feichi still had an aura of a king as he led Yun Xi in the dance.

It was her first time seeing such a masculine and proud man doing a ballroom dance.

His gestures still carried the undaunted spirit he had on the battlefield, but his eyes on her were tender and gentle.

Amid the well-dressed guests in the bustling scene, the man before her was so dazzling that she was mesmerized.

Her heart was beating fast in her chest…

At first, Yun Xi couldnt keep up with his dance steps and accidentally stepped on him.

But Mu Feichi patiently slowed down to match Yun Xis steps.

Under the sparkling chandeliers, the two swaying figures in the middle of the dance floor attracted all the attention.

Envy, jealousy, and hatred…

All eyes were on them, but it did not affect the dancing couple at all.

But after dancing for a little while, Yun Xi realized something didnt feel right.

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