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Shaking her head, Fenghuang Niao used her right hand to unbuckle her seatbelt.

She turned to look at Mu Feichi in a panic.

“Are you two okay Any injuries” she asked as she controlled her pain.

“Were fine! Bring your gear and lets get out of here!”

Mu Feichi shot her a nod of affirmation and used a lever as a support as he pulled himself toward the drivers seat.

With all the strength he had left, he opened the drawer beneath the seat and took out two pistols and a few bullets.

As Mu Feichi was retrieving the pistols, Fenghuang Niao shook her left hand to check on its condition.

She winced in pain immediately, as she confirmed that her left hand was indeed broken.

With a sigh, she used her right hand and pulled out her personal hunting rifle case from the compartment below the passengers seat with great difficulty.

Once she had retrieved the rifle and a few bullets, she moved out of the car.

As he waited for Fenghuang Niao to crawl out of the car, Mu Feichi unloaded three field packs he had prepared in the case of an emergency.

He tossed one to Fenghuang Niao as she emerged.

“We need to move fast.

Those guys are carrying heavy weaponry.

They must be mercenaries.

Theyre probably on their way here to verify our deaths.

We need to get out of here fast.”

“But…” Fenghuang Niao looked all around, and her gaze settled on the half-conscious Yun Xi as she analyzed the situation.

“Were at the bottom of a cliff right now.

The best way to get out of here right now would be that mountain path.

But they will be using that to come down and check up on us.

The only way for us to go is to travel through the forest ahead, though seeing our current situation it will still be as dangerous…”

The girl had still not completely recovered from the roofie drugs that she had been given.

She might be conscious now, but if they acted up again, she would be a burden for both of them.

Mu Feichi immediately made up his mind, and he picked up Yun Xi into his arms without a second thought.

“We will not abandon her.” His voice carried a chill as he squeezed the words out through his teeth.

“No matter what.”

“Youre overthinking this.

Do I look like someone who would abandon my friends” Fenghuang Niao scoffed at Mu Feichis assumption.

“I was going to say lets hurry, because the girls condition is not good.”

Mu Feichi looked down at Yun Xi, who he held dearly in his arms.

Her hands were trying to pull his clothing apart.

With a frown, Mu Feichi took out a light down jacket and military boots from the field pack and quickly put them on Yun Xi.

After that, he passed Yun Xi one of the pistols and put the rest of the bullets back into the bag.

“Babe…” Mu Feichis palms enclosed Yun Xis face.

Her skin was boiling underneath his fingers as she blinked hard to retain the last bit of her consciousness.

“Mu Feichi…” Her words trailed off as Yun Xi bit down on her tongue.

The sudden sharp pain brought back a few moments of consciousness.

“We need to hurry into the woods before they get here.”

They were top-tier soldiers, Yun Xi reminded herself.

They can handle any kind of warfare in any kind of terrain.

She had gained experience in rain forest warfare when shed trained with Yan Shuo.

They would be able to shake their pursuers off if they were to head into the forest.

The effects of the drugs were taking a toll on her.

She might be able to suppress their influence and remain conscious at the moment, but once the drug came into full effect, there would be nothing more she can do.

She would only slow them down.

Yun Xi could not stop herself from looking at Mu Feichi.

She could not see his features clearly in the waning light of dusk reflecting off the snow, but she could clearly see who he was.

All that was important was for both of them to stay alive.

There was nothing more significant than that.

She was no longer a naive girl with no understanding of the world.

Her lessons from her last life and her experience in her present life had only strengthened her will to spend her life with someone she loves.

And if Mu Feichi was that man, that was good enough for her.

She would do anything for him with no regrets.

She wanted to grow old with him, and she wanted to live well with him.

Yun Xi was determined to make sure that the two of them had the happily-ever-after that they had always wanted.

Determination shone brightly in her heart.

Yun Xi had nothing to fear.

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