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Using the flashlight, Mu Feichi spotted traces of red on the edge of the knife, and his face fell.

“You idiot!” Mu Feichi hastily took the surgical knife out of her hands and propped Yun Xi up against a large tree on the forest floor as he lowered himself to find the wound on her body.

The forest was full of tall trees that stretched out to the heavens, their roots crossed and overlapped throughout the floor of the forest.

The snow had left layers after layers of frost over each root, and the forest was glistening under the faint rays of the flashlight.

Mu Feichi carefully lifted up the hem of Yun Xis skirt, his voice filled with worry as he searched.

“Where did you stab yourself”

The injury had not brought much clarity to Yun Xis consciousness.

Still caught up in a daze, Yun Xi stretched out one of her legs and pulled the skirt up.

There was a wound on her thigh.

It had missed all the important arteries, but it was bleeding powerfully nevertheless.

Despite the pain of the wound, it had not been enough to keep the drugs effects at bay.

Her cold fingers reached out and fixed themselves on Mu Feichis neck as her body inched forward toward him.

Mu Feichi gave her a resigned look and left Yun Xis hands to run over his body however they wanted to.

He placed his flashlight in his mouth and quickly took out the first-aid kit from the field pack and opened a packet of blood-stopping powder for Yun Xis wound.

“Ouch…” The power clung immediately to her wound, and the pain that shot through Yun Xis nerves immediately made her sit upright.

Mu Feichi lifted his head to give her a look.

“Suck it up,” he scolded her with a scoff.

His hands moved quickly to open a package of surgical gauze and placed it on top of Yun Xis wound.

The moment he looked up, the girl pulled herself up and hooked her legs onto his back, her entire body clinging to him.

The man lowered himself to balance his weight with the weight of the girl who had jumped into his arms.

He had been in a tense mental state before, but with their bodies pressed so close together and with the friction of their clothing rubbing against each other, Mu Feichis mood had suddenly shifted, and he felt an arousal stir within him.

Yun Xis frozen lips pressed a kiss against his throat, and her cold hands reached under his clothing to touch his skin.

They ran across his body as if they were searching for something.

Mu Feichi held the girl in his arms, and he sat upright.

The damp, cold forest was filled with the rotting smell of decomposing leaves, but the perfume from Yun Xi was light and sweet.

The scent of Yun Xis perfume wrapped around the two like an invisible cloak and lit a fire within Mu Feichi that was burning off the last bits of his self-control.

Mu Feichi lifted his chin to take a breath from her intoxicating scent, and a wave of darkness could be visible in his eyes as he swallowed hard to fight back against his desires.

This was his last attempt at self-control.

“But you know, love, if I take you, you will have to marry me.

You will be stuck with me for life.”

Mu Feichi was a self-proclaimed tyrant.

He had been stubborn for a good reason over many decisions, but he still reserved room to respect and hear Yun Xis opinions on certain matters.

He had thought about their relationship a lot, and he had made up his mind that if Yun Xi ever got tired of their battle-packed lives or had fallen in love with someone else, he would surely let her go to pursue the happiness she wanted.

If Mu Feichi wanted her for himself, it would be a lifelong affair.

He was a soldier, and he was naturally responsible for her.

He could never let her leave his side even if it meant restraining her.

He wanted her, he always had.

But Mu Feichi had been suppressing all that he felt for Yun Xi for a long time because she was underage.

Yun Xis consent was of uttermost importance to him.

Mu Feichi was willing to wait for their relationship to blossom and for their love to deepen over the years until Yun Xi was ready.

He would never cross her boundaries out of his personal desires.

What had transpired today had completely thrown their inhibitions and their hesitations out of the window.

Neither of them could have seen this coming.

MMM! The girl pressed a soft kiss on the nape of his neck.

“Youre stuck with me for life…until death do us part.

And you are cursed to love me and me only…,” she whispered.

These were the last words she could manage before Yun Xi felt all logic and consciousness slip away from her body.

Mu Feichi had given her everything she had not had in her last life.

Yun Xi had no regrets.

“All right then…” Mu Feichi looked down with unbelievable love, and he returned the promises that Yun Xi had just made to him.

“Then I will be cursed to love you and only you.

Youre the only one I will marry!”

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