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The night was getting darker with every passing hour, and the forest that stretched out in front of her was becoming denser and denser with every step.

Turning around, Fenghuang Niao noticed that Mu Feichi and Yun Xi were no longer with her.

Retracing her steps, she found the two sitting in the shade of a large tree with the girl in Mu Feichis arms.

She thought about checking on them, but this was not the time to be a third wheel.

As she started to move away, she could hear Mu Feichis raspy voice calling out to her.

“Niao, be on the lookout for us, please!”

“Got it!” This was all Fenghuang Niao needed to know about Mu Feichis decision, and she turned and headed for a high place to have a better view of the forest.

Every trained soldier was aware of the remedy needed to neutralize a roofie drug.

If the effects of the drug were not stopped, Yun Xi could be the obstacle that could potentially cause the deaths of the three of them.

Knowing Mu Feichis character, he would never leave Yun Xi to die in order to survive.

The enemy was outnumbering them in terms of weapons, experience, and numbers.

Mu Feichi was strong, but there wouldnt be any future for them where they could exit the woods safely if they had to carry the girl.

This was a choice for the sake of their survival.

In the moonless night and in the darkness of the forest, a dense fog started to set in that added to the mysteriousness of the landscape.

The temperature around them seemed to have dropped a few more degrees, but it did not freeze the fire of passion that was burning between the two of them.

The darkness of the night was almost dizzying as Mu Feichi looked down at the girl who had torn at his uniform, and an unquenchable fire was burning within his pupils.

All the years he had spent suppressing his emotions and concealing them had been good training for him.

He had gotten a good grasp on his desires, and he could now control them as they came.

However, this was different.

This time, he no longer had any hold over his emotions.

He suddenly recalled a joke Yi Qianmo had made some time ago: “If an enemy country wanted to destroy Young Commander Mu, they wouldnt need to find a beauty to be a spy.

All they would need is one Yun Xi.

Thats all it would take to lower all of his defenses.”

Yun Xi was his weakness.

He was on his guard with the rest of the world, but to Yun Xi he had laid himself bare.

He gently placed Yun Xi onto a low hanging branch that so that Yun Xi could sit and have more rest while he remained standing.

Their close proximity was enough to ignite a spark of passion in him.

He didnt know when his uniform had been unbuttoned by Yun Xi.

Her hands had changed their target now and had begun fiddling with his belt in a fumbling manner.

Mu Feichi chuckled and brought the girl closer to him, enough for her to bury her face in his chest.

He could feel a strange feeling of energy running through his system as he did so.

With her eyelids heavy and droopy, she rubbed her hands across the mans lower body without any knowledge of where her hands were, but she let out a small gasp.

Her erratic gesture did not help to calm the nerves of Mu Feichi.

Frowning slightly in reaction to the sensation, he held his hand up and pushed Yun Xis head toward him as he planted a heavy kiss on her lips.

The kiss was harder and harsher than the one before.

It was as if he was taking the air out of Yun Xis lungs.

The kiss left the girl gasping for air as he pulled away.

Mu Feichi kissed good-bye to his composed and cool mentality and threw himself into the pits of his desires.

He trailed his kisses down her neck.

He was powerless to the soft scent on Yun Xis body, and he could feel his common sense slipping away from his mind as he slowly succumbed to the flames inside of his heart.

Looking at Yun Xi from above, Mu Feichi could feel the heat burn through his eyes as his features tensed to hold back his desires.

He lowered his lips and kissed the tip of Yun Xis nose.

“Babe…” His voice was low and raspy.

It was almost as if he felt the pain she felt.

They were connected in body and in soul at that moment, and he could feel all the emotions she felt.

The girl he had held so carefully in his hands like a precious jewel had finally become his woman at last.

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