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The quiet night was interrupted by a loud explosion.

The three people who were traveling through the forest suddenly stopped, and Fenghuang Niao quickly checked her watch before raising her head.

“We have to hurry! They are coming! Theyre just 1,000 yards away from us! Hurry up!”

She had placed mines near their vehicle not only to disrupt their pursuers, but also to give them a warning that the people chasing them were closing in.

This way they wouldnt be caught by surprise.

The couple, who had been flirting a few seconds ago, immediately tensed up and increased their pace as they moved through the night.

“Niao! Find us some high ground! There must be more than three people chasing after us.

If we keep on like this, theyll catch up in no time.

We have to stall them as long as we can before the special forces arrive.”

“Wait! The special forces are coming How did you even contact them in such a situation”

Fenghuang Niao looked around but couldnt find a good spot for them to hide in the dark and humid forest.

She had to find them a spot where they could hide to stall their pursuers.

Yun Xi turned to look at Mu Feichi.

She knew that the biggest problem they were facing was that they werent able to contact the outside world.

“I notified them before I came.

If they didnt hear anything from me at 10:30 pm, three special forces teams would come here immediately.

Its true that we are in a pinch because they have blocked off all signals, but the Intelligence Unit at Tianyu Mountain will soon realize that something is wrong.

Theyll also contact the villas bodyguards every half an hour.

If they cant contact the guards, they surely will realize we are in trouble.

The special forces might even be here earlier than I expect.

We just have to wait until then.”

“I see! Thats why you only brought me with you.

Youd already thought out everything in advance.”

“However, no matter how well prepared we were, they still managed to ambush us.

This was just a backup plan.

Another thing…” He turned to look at the lady who was staring back at him from his arms and gently patted her head.

“Even if Im useless, Id never put my woman in danger.”

Yun Xi looked joyful.

This was the man she had fallen for, a man who was decisive in everything and was prepared for anything to happen.

“All right.

Stop staring at me like that.

You can stare at me all night once we get out of here.

For now, we have to make sure we are safe.” Mu Feichi patted Yun Xis head once again while looking at her with his gentle eyes.

“Whos staring at you” Yun Xi scolded him as she slapped his hand away and tightened the straps on her bag.

“Lets go.

We have to look for high ground in order to ambush them, right”

As the forest was so big, they had no idea how long it would take for them to escape.

The best option that they had at the moment was to find a way to stop their chasers and stall as much as possible.

“Sir, theres a hill in front of us.

Ill head over there first.”

Before Mu Feichi could even say anything, Fenghuang Niao had already disappeared into the night.

Her movements were so swift that Yun Xi couldnt help but gasp.

“You know, I hope you wont turn out like her.” Mu Feichi laughed as he led Yun Xi toward the hill.

He had already turned off the flashlight and was walking with the help of the moonlight that was reflecting off the snow.

Yun Xi understood what Mu Feichi meant.

To become an elite like Fenghuang Niao, one had to experience cruel training.

She knew that the man didnt want her to experience things that she didnt need to.

“Do you remember your real combat training with Li Zilan and Qi Yuan” Mu Feichi asked.

Yun Xi nodded.

She would never forget the training that Mu Feichi had taken her to because she had wanted to.

The feeling of being in combat as a spotter was forever etched in her head.


This is real combat now.

We are facing real enemies.

They are not your friends.

We only have limited ammo so we have to make sure we hit our targets.

Do you hear me”

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